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BY PercyM superstar

Good, but not up to the heights of its predecessor.

Big fan of the first and was expecting it to be not as good, pleasantly surprised. I loved it, deeper character development, introduction to new interesting characters. These actors play off each other well and the introduction of new dilemmas only strengthens this. It's fast, flashy and expensive, kind of what you want from sci-fi but most importantly it has the story to keep you wanting more , bring on GotG Vol 3, 4 and 5 by then they'll run out of music not plot

BY RealityCheck superstar

The Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Musical number 2, first things first, second things second. It’s good, some will say better than the first, but I felt more passion for the entrée as its musical tastes were up my alley, this was good, just not spot on for me. The beginning scene and tittles sequence was epic and awesome. It felt more like a ‘Doctor Who’ ‘Star Trek’ ‘Little House on the Prairie’ episode than the first gathering of the guardians, but don’t get me wrong, still sweet.... More Reminded me of ‘The Last Star Fighter’ in a few places, and was it just me or did Baby Groot look so similar to ‘The Mask’? Some great cameos for future ‘Infinity Wars’ and just wonderful family grouping…
Genre : action, fantasy, sci-fi, family cuddles
5/5 : Marvel, I’m bias, what else can I say. Even if it wasn’t that good, I’d probably still give it a 4.Hide

BY lost10 wannabe

The first Guardians of the Galaxy film was so brilliant, funny, good story, great characters etc. but most of all it was a surprise and I was not expecting a great film just your average Marvel film - so with this film I had much higher expectations which is the main thing that ruined it for me. So this film is good, same great characters is very funny in places is well worth watching but is not quite as good as the original.

BY butch181 lister

It gave us everything we wanted, and yet it gave us nothing. Comedy over plot, and an emphasis on important moments, over cohesion of the story line, meant the film fell a little flat. The guardians come across early on as indestructible, and it eats away at any tension. The most engaging parts of the film lie in the tragedies and dark reveals, in what seems to be a film targeting an older audience. We get a lot of comedy and nonsense, a lot of dancing and shenanigans, but it feels crammed in... More together, and lacks authenticity. Was it a good film? I enjoyed it, but looking back, I can't figure out why.Hide

If you judge the best Marvel movie by the number of times re-watched, then James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy is my top MCU movie by far. A gloriously energetic fantasy romp, akin to Star Wars with more laughs and a brighter colour palette.

In this second stab the gang's all here, with every aspect of production turned way, way up to eleven. And, whilst the story may flag here and there, with a severe case of third act fatigue, the fun never stops and the entertainment keeps on coming.

Sure... More the "family" moral gets hammered home, but hey, it's a family film, and Gunn keeps it motoring along like a light-speed Fast & Furious franchise entry. For me the design aesthetic, the brilliant colour scheme and wonderful sci-fi design are the ultimate cinematic delights. The cast are great, the script fizzes and bubbles, the direction is solid and just anarchic enough to keep you marvelling that this is indeed a Marvel movie, and the new characters are fun, cameo appearances and all - but as you already guessed from the trailers - Baby Groot steals the show, despite Rocket Racoon's constant attempts to grab it back!

All up? It's a bright and brilliant ball of light and sound that makes for ideal family film fun.Hide