Gulliver's Travels 3D

Gulliver's Travels 3D


A 3D family adventure-comedy based on the 18th Century novel by Jonathan Swift. In this contemporary take, Jack Black is travel writer Lemuel Gulliver who takes an assignment in Bermuda but ends up on the island of Lipiput where he towers over its miniature citizens.... More

Also stars Emily Blunt (Sunshine Cleaning) and Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall). This is director Rob Letterman's third feature, having previously specialised in animation with Monsters vs Aliens and Shark Tale.Hide

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Much like 2004’s Around the World in 80 Days remake, Gulliver’s is a star-studded reimagining of a classic piece of literature that shoots for the moon, aims for laughs and misses both targets by a country mile.... More

Basically a vehicle for Jack Black to showcase his man-child shtick to a more family friendly audience, director Rob Letterman (Monsters vs Aliens)’s film relies heavily, not only on the traditional costumes and special effects (some of the sets and size manipulation are truly impressive), but sadly also bodily function gags, school-boy humour (it’s wedgies a go-go here), and product placement.

Much is made of Gulliver’s cut-and-paste plagiarism but the charge could also be leveled at this movie’s scriptwriters, whose efforts seems simply a hybrid of The Final Countdown (dislocation via sea vortex), Transformers, Cast Away (mailman lost at sea and hope to see girl of his dreams once more) and most notably Wild Wild West.

Wasteful of comedic talent like Connolly, Tate and Segal, it’s a sad indictment of a film when the three-minute short preceding it, Scrat’s Continental Adventure, generates more guffaws.Hide

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This is one more word about how not to overlook your chance to realise your own potential. It has been said in original and humourous way. Recommended

people should say if its good or not


it was soo boring i dont recomend it

just saw this at hoyts in 3d. such a funny movie, loved all the references to past movies and songs. if you are in need of a laugh go see it! though it did feel like it was a long movie at times.

The Press Reviews

  • You may be imagining this is an animated film, and that Jack Black is voicing Lemuel Gulliver. Not at all. This is live action, and despite the 3-D, it's sorta old-fashioned, not that that's a bad thing. Full Review

  • A low-grade comedy that'll have Jonathan Swift turning in his grave. Full Review

  • While not the worst in recent 3D films, Gulliver's Travels is more gimmicky than a crackling good yarn. Full Review

  • For myself, I was but seldom inspired to peals of true laughter, though I did relish that part when Mr. Black, confronting a fire raging in the Palace of Lilliput, douses the blaze through heroic use of such means as Nature has provided him. Full Review