Review: Hamilton

01 Sep 20

Hamilton Is Simply Amazing...

If you missed your chance seeing the hit musical “Hamilton”, Another opportunity for has arrived and will be here to stay, As Hamilton arrived on Disney+ I jumped at my chance to see this critically acclaimed musical, And oh boy was that an amazing(nearly)three hours.

Miranda plays a man making his mark as he and others build the foundation of the United States, While dealing with the troubles of his marriage, and running the treasury department. However, It’s mostly the other supporting characters who push the story along, Alexander’s story is simply being told by his friends, family, and even rivals.

That's probably the main reason why Miranda (in my opinion anyway)is the weakest talent in the company, Don’t get me wrong he’s still amazing but compared to the others he’s pretty average, The main reason for this is probably because the story is being carried by the rest of the company.

This film is a slow burn but there is always something to grab your attention, whether it's a gun duel, character introductions, and even hilarious commentary from the losing team of the revolution.

Overall Hamilton is an exciting, visually stunning, and an excellent musical with little to no flaws

Four stars.