Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II 3D

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II 3D

14 Aug 11

Tear jerking heart pounding goodbye though supported by predeccessors

For all the fans who have been following, it was a great goodbye and a fit ending to our life with Hogwarts.

Loved this movie compared to the book, which I am sorry to say, fell flat at the end.

Loved the way we got to revisit each pivotal location one last time and loved the contrast from the once happy place to the dark time. So fitting.

Loved Snape

Though his reveal-ance of his true character was a tear jerker I wish it portrayed the darker side of Harry's father - with which, we would've gained paramount respect of Snape's hate towards Harry as well as Harry's gratitude towards the end. Where was the vision of James teasing Snape? Should have been there.

Also, did anybody noticed the child Lily had brown eyes? Weird.

One thing that got to me was the way Voldemort died. The fourth movie had a more epic moment between the two characters than this one did. WIth the likes of Avatar and Transformers effects I was expecting this final moment to be much more intense than it was. It was as if Voldemorts death, though expected, didn't have enough focus by the writers.

Professor Mcgonagal was LOVELY

The ending scene was beautiful, Emma Watson was the perfect mother I expected her to be - this was much better done than the book even, in my mind.

Funny that Ginny never really seems as important to Harry as Ron and Hermione are, and funnier still when they close up on the four at the end, and she all too quickly zooms out of the shot.

Still the fans and her characters emergence versus Cho's dismissal, always felt was quite sudden. It didn't provide adequate time for audiences to adjust to Harry's change of preferences.... Still, a great farewell for FANS.

All in all loved it but I do feel my love was more supported by my life's journey with the whole series rather than this movie standing on its own.