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BY morgana1972 superstar

I Have never read the Books.... but I've seen ALL the Movies & it all had to end someday.

BY Stuart-Bland superstar

Thrilling, powerfully acted, and visually dazzling, Deathly Hallows Part II brings the Harry Potter franchise to a satisfying -- and suitably magical -- conclusion.

BY bigspendakev superstar

Seems to be another production line mishap I really liked the books and the first three films but then they just kept coming and coming and they seemed to lose there magic

wow is that what all the hype was about. I havnt read the books so was finding out about harry potter from the movies but what a big rush this movie was. I t was like tidying up a whole lot of loose ends very fast before the time ran out so wasnt; really much of a movie. I also find the character of voldemort not so great & a very wimpy & weak character & the battles with him all seem to be over pretty quick in all the movies including this one so don't know what all this secret... More business is all about & what theyre so scared of. perhaps its better in the book to the movie as I havnt read them so cant judge on that. I prefer the earlier movies to this one. & at the end do they really look 19 years older?Hide

I found this movie was too rushed & found it was trying to fit everything in before the time was up. I thought that when it had ended we had only been there for an hour it was so rushed. So we didn't enjoy it & could have left it but of course you're drawn to watch it because it's the end of a series. I also find voldemort in the movies a very weak & insipid character & not much of a character so don't understand the hoopla about him in the movies. He is better in the book that... More I have read & I don't think he has come across as well as in the book.Hide

BY Abe213 grader

I loved Pt. 1 of the Deathly Hallows films.
However this film, whilst displaying incredible cinematography, good CGI and adequate acting did not resonate as much as the first. The action sequence and 'large-scale' battles at Hogwarts felt cheap and light, as if the characters were made of paper. The battle abstained from a sense of weight that would help distinguish its scale.

Disappointed but it certainly isn't a bad film.

So, 4 times Potter director David Yates ends the Epic saga that is the Harry Potter franchise in fine, action packed style; just as he began his Potter journey so many years ago. Rounding off with great aplomb he and his production team deliver an epic climax to a great series. Finally, some closure ;-)

You could be forgiven for thinking that this HP7 Pt2 is like a film long climax. The fact that it is the last half of the last film of such an epic saga makes this both inevitable and... More forgivable. Seen in context of being a Pt2 it makes perfect sense. Whereas Pt1 was filled with long periods of frustrated impotence in the face of seemingly impossible odds Pt2 is a rollercoaster ride of action, danger racing towards the final showdown. The compression of the story is handled smartly, not taking too much away from avid readers whilst making it viable piece of cinema and the acting, on the whole, is towards the better end of performances from our leading trio.

My one point of confusion was how Yates chose to stage the final showdown between Harry & Voldemort but this is minor personal gripe in the face of a well-made and hugely entertaining fantasy spectacle. Anyone who has followed the series should be pretty damn happy with the finale.Hide

BY BrionyJae superstar

Saw this for a second time in 2D, and it's just as good - if not better - than the 3D version :) Harry Potter will never get old...

...and Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

BY PhilMoore superstar

This was a great ending to a great franchise I have not seen all of the films but I have seen close to all of them now. This was all about the final showdown between Harry played by Daniel Radcliffe and Voldermort played by Ralph Fiennes. Also Alan Rickman is great as Snape and of course Maggie Smith playing McGonnegal. Like the 3rd Lord of the Rings this film could warrant Best Picture Oscar consideration and certainly for Rickman's performance as Best Supporting Actor. Hermione played by the... More beautiful Emma Watson is great and so is Ron played by Rupert Grint. The special effects are great, the story is solid and this is totally worth your money if you are a Harry Potter fan. If you don't know anything about this world then you can't walk into this film. I highly recommend this film to all Potter fansHide

BY steveisatree superstar

If Harry Potter deserves an award. It would be for CGI. The films cgi and special effects are seamless. Even better than Avatar.
The film was great. It wasn't a stunner. But it was the epic blockbuster it should have been in the previous films.

BY Polygurl lister

I'm not an overly huge Harry Potter fan.. Have read the books and I think I've watched all the movies so far (most of them on DVD) but went to see this one mostly out of curiosity. Plus my little sister wanted to see it and dragged me along. Anyway, I'm so glad I did! It was such an epic movie, lots of action, laughs and definitely had me drawn in.

Gone is the nerdy Harry Potter who used to border on annoying in past movies, and I found myself admiring his bravery/cheering him on and the... More others on his side in this one.

Recommend it to others, an enjoyable watch.Hide

BY Ken-Burns superstar

Well worth the wait and a great stopping point for a series. The challenge between Harry and Voldemort is uplifting and frightening. This is where it needs to finish and not go any further. GO TO SEE IT!!!

BY clararar superstar

I've had my ups and downs with the Harry Potter series, but for those who grew up with the books and later the movies, this is really a fitting end for the adventures of Harry Potter. It's hard for anyone not to admire JK Rowling's vision, and how everything comes together so satisfyingly in the end.

The highlight for me was probably the cathartic pensieve scene - kudos to Alan Rickman for his incredible performance. Of course, even though we all knew it was coming, half the audience groaned... More when the epilogue sequence was introduced. But given the applause at the end (rare for movies these days), it's safe to say everyone got what they came for. I would really like to give this a 4 1/2 not 4 stars, but it's not quite 5 stars either, as would befit a standalone cinematic masterpiece. Harry Potter 8 is anything but standalone, but that's really what sets it apart and makes it wonderful.

Overall, it really is a must-see for anyone who's read the books or seen the other films - but you didn't need me to tell you that, did you? For anyone else not already familiar with the story - go read the books or watch the other films first to really understand what's going on, otherwise don't bother!Hide

A decade-spanning saga reaches its end with an unholy mass of dedicated Pot-heads clambering onto their replica Nimbus 2000s in preparation for an unforgettable experience. Pressured much? The pace in Part 2 directly opposes that of Part 1, constantly stupefying audiences in the face with relentless wizard/witchery war scenes that are nothing short of badass. The ultimate plot turn is done with the utmost tenderness, yielding tragically moving results. There isn't a full sense of closure with... More all characters (somewhat understandable) and the last scene left me under-whelmed. Nevertheless, this is a titanic conclusion to an impressive, monumental pop-cultural phenomenon.Hide

BY Jordan superstar

As a fan of the books and the films that have sprung from them, it is bittersweet to see that after a decade of huge success at the box office, the tale of Harry Potter comes to an end.

The film picks up directly where the first installment of the Deathly Hallows left us as Voldemort begins his journey to kill the one thing that stands in the way of his new world order, and that is Harry Potter.
The pacing for the first half of the film is relentless as we follow the 3 heroes on their quest... More to stop "He Who Must Not Be Named". It is engaging and thrilling, yet when the story backs off to let us in on certain plot points it is staggering like you've just jumped into a cold bath after a hot shower.
Though, once this speed resumes with a fantastic improvement to the final battle sequence that almost felt like it was a non-event in the book, we end up in a state of levity at it's conclusion.

Everyone is on display acting wise in this film, and it's marvelous to see how far our 3 heroes have come with their character still intact yet with newfound wisdom found over the 7 years we have joined them (story wise).
Daniel Radcliffe plays the consistently on form Harry Potter alongside Ralph Fiennes amazing embodiment of the antagonist, while Emma Watson and Rupert Grint provide the humour and smarts that help alleviate some of the darker moments of the film.
Maggie Smith with such little screentime, dominates again with her brilliant portrayal of the always caring Professor McGonagall, stealing a scene with a particular charming little spell and Michael Gambon continues his great portrayal of that of Professor Dumbledore.
Yet, much like the books, it has always been one character in the background that ties it all together outside of the viewers eye, and that is Severus Snape portrayed as if he were truly that person by Alan Rickman. Without the emotional tether created in this installment, the story would fall apart, but Rickman brings it all to the table, providing the gravity needed to sell us on all that has passed.

After 10 years and 7 films prior, it is a grand feat to provide a film that closes off the saga on par with those before.
This is not a perfect film by any means, but it is one that finishes the tale of the Boy Who Lived in a way he deserves, reminding us why we all fell in love with the tale originally.

And it will be told (or viewed) by many more, over years to come.Hide

BY AaronG superstar

And incredibly epic and emotional ending to the series. Everyone I went with seemed to enjoy it.