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This film is like Ocean's 11 crossed with French farce, tinged with a touch of dramatic intensity. It shouldn't be good, but it is. If you liked Romain Duris (and all his sexually charged intensity) in "The Beat My Heart Skipped", and if you already know that Vanessa Paradis can be the French Lauren Bacall, then you're probably surprised that they are in a RomCom at all. But they are. And they're having a ball.

This script is built like a Swiss timepiece, it goes about its highly... More entertaining business with real elegance. Everything fits, everything ties up, and yet it's not trite (well, a little bit!) or too expected. Fantastic locations, beautiful clothes, sleek cars, funny set pieces, snappy dialogue, good music, and even a few moments of genuine emotion - without doubt, the best movie right now to take a date to.


My husband and I went to this movie and both loved it. Neither of us knew what it was about as we'd won tickets. We saw the promo poster and my husband was a little concerned it would be a girlie romance movie. Well, while it was romantic it was brilliantly funny with lots of laugh out loud moments.
So, definitely suggest you get out there and see this one. Although in French with English subtitles you forgot that you were reading very soon into the movie. A great night out for anyone!

BY freshdude superstar

First I must admit rom-com are so not my type of film. And I saw this with friends who just wanted to switch off for the evening ... and luckily that's exactly what we did. It is fun, and it is charming. Romain Duris confirms he's a great actor, as it is quite an achievment for a "serious" actor to make people laugh, and he sure does. The chemistry between him and Vanessa Paradis is definitely there, and that's what makes the movie work, helped along by brilliantly funny second roles... More (the sister and her husband).
Apparently an american remake is already underway ... I guess there's still a lot of people who cant read ... as I don't see any other valid point for a remake.

As I said earlier I don't like rom-com in general, but I had a great time with my brain switched off.Hide