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BY Bobwill nobody

An over-rich, sentimental telling of an ugly tragic story. It lacks Balwin's acid irony - the film only comes to life when he is directly quoted. It looks gorgeous, the cinematography faultless, the soundscape is brilliant, the acting committed but whereas I wanted Moonlight to go on forever, I just wanted this to end.

BY GDAldridge superstar

This movie is well-acted by every member of the cast, but it is kind of slow and drawn out. It also jumps about quite a lot and leaves out some important details, which kind of make it feel like something is missing.

BY amydaisy superstar

beautiful story and also very heartbreaking, but as some good funny parts also. and definitely a story we need to see and hear of more often.

BY SweetP nobody

Very true to life. Gets you thinking. Great acting.

BY LauraC nobody

Heartbreaking but beautiful

Great movie, with many layers to think about, a good few laughs, lots of love and emotion. Definitely worth a watch, and worthy of the great press its received.

Beautiful if a little staid

A film about love and kindness and hate and evil that doesn't manipulate or talk down to the audience. So much unspoken, plenty unseen. Barry Jenkins knows how to film love using all of the cinematic elements available to him. Once again a pitch perfect score that doesn't dominate but perfectly accompanies the beautiful cinematography and gentle acting. Long may he continue to make films, films that resonate with such clarity and beauty.