Iron Man 3 3D

Review: Iron Man 3 3D

29 Apr 13

Ben Kingsley the real star of a very good movie that could have been even better

First, the good news. This is a fine film -funny, exciting, spectacular, with a genuine comic book feel, Ben Kingsley is great as the Mandarin.He steals the picture, and even outshines Downey in their scenes together. Unfortunately, the Mandarin need to be on screen a bit more - maybe Downey was a bit uneasy at being blasted off the screen by KIngsley's performance. In the film's major flaw, too much time is wasted on Happy, and Pepper and Tony's domestic problems which quickly become tiresome, a pallid Mr and Mrs Smith rip-off. Consequently, the first 20 minutes or so is surprisingly leaden, despite the script's clever and witty but overdone repartee. After that the movie is very well paced, with surprises and twists thrown in and Downey doing a good job with sardonic and pitch-perfect delivery of the verbal arsenal his script provides. The action scenes are very well done but not particularly original: there's a bit too much Transformer style gimmickry and a surprising reliance on Terminator-like scenes especially the finale.