Iron Man 3 3D

Review: Iron Man 3 3D

01 May 13

Slightly disappointed in Tony's latest adventure...

I have been a massive fan of the Iron Man movies ever since the first was released back in 2008. I liked how relatively grounded the movies felt, well, as grounded as something can be when it's about a man flying around in a suit of armour, and also fighting aliens in The Avengers. But when it comes to Iron Man's standalone movies, I prefer his enemy to be somewhat technological. And this is what I thought we would be getting, when in recent interview, Robert Downey Jr said they were stripping the series back to its basics.

The first two movies' villains were basically someone trying to use Tony's technology against him. This time around however, we have a bunch of lava men that conveniently regenerate when they take any damage, and just want to kill Iron Man for no particular reason. These enemies are wildly inconsistent in how they die, as well. For instance, they won't die from being shot in the face, but a shot to the nest will kill them. If that's the case, then I find it rather strange that in another moment, one of these enemies can be exploded from the inside out and be perfectly fine. It's as though the filmmakers jjust decided when or how they die, just for convenience.

With these flaws, it was still great to see Robert Downey Jr's brilliant performance once again - he really is what makes these movies great, and there are some fantastic moments between him and a kid, that, if done by anybody else, could have just come across as corny and sappy. One thing I will say about Tony in this movie though, is that they have tried to make him more "wounded" and dark. I've always felt that the Iron Man movies should be light hearted, that Tony doesn't really go in for that brooding hero stuff. Throughout the movie, Tony has these panic attacks, thinking of the events of the Avengers. These attacks don't really amount to anything, they basically are just there to say "hey, the Avengers happened" and that's about it.

Overall, it was an enjoyable movie, not without its flaws, but definitely worth a watch if you are an Iron Man/Marvel fan.