Iron Man 3 3D

Review: Iron Man 3 3D

17 May 13

Ironman three-tastic

Yes, everyone knows I'm bias when it comes to graphic novels on the big screen, and Ironman3 was no exception, it was awesome! Great follow on from 1 & 2, as well as The Avengers. The story line is again a growth of Tony Stark and his future, normal for a graphic novel, not so much for the silver screen. Amazing action scenes with little music to distract, little too much movement, but still loved it, fanstatic escapism who doesnt wana fly, be a super hero and a billionare!!?
Genre : adventure, action, graphic novel
5/5 : its just my thing, I like them, I dont know about a 4th Ironman tho, who they gona use as bad guy?