John Carter 3D

Review: John Carter 3D

10 Mar 12

Loved it, it was like I was on Mars for 2 hours

I saw John Carter in 3d on Imax, and totally enjoyed the film. I am surprised that most negative reviews go on about how much it cost to make, and how Disney won't make back their money... I don't care how much it cost because it looked stunning and I only paid $20 to see it. Both the earth scenes, and Mars scenes were totally stunning. Not once did I think blue screen (star wars) or CGI (avatar). The environments were immersive, and for two hours it was like I was on Mars. If you are hesistant about seeing, but like good sci fi, and understand what a pulp movie is, go and see. Personally, I liked the 3d, which added depth, but a 2d version would be just as good.