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A well-acted and watchable comedy which, given its massive sleeper success, will act as a barometer by which future comedies will undoubtedly be matched up against.

The atypical ebb and flow relationship dynamics of all Hollywood comedies are still there, but made less annoying by a frank and syrup-free approach.

This was a very accessible movie, I recognised characters or situations that I was familiar with. It was funny without sacrificing realism, and was even a bit, dare I say it, moving. It would be very hard to dislike this movie.

funny movie, but sometimes bittersweet with real emotions about being married and having kids. heaps of laughs though!

Went along to the see this movie because Katherine is hot. I remember laughing all the way through, but by the next day the movie was but a distant memory.

This was so funny... I loved it and will see it again. It's just better than most films... the actors are interesting and not your typical main actors. The story is real basic but for laugh out loud funnies don't go past this!

Katherine Heigl was great. It's entertaining, and laugh out loud at times... but i was underwhelmed overall.

This movie really shows the differences between the sexes in a funny, poignant, bitter-sweet way.
Women will really appreciate the 'pain' of giving birth, worrying about their 'private parts ever recovering' whereas our counterparts are just 'boys and their toys' even when they are married with children.
Ben is delightful and not a typical American 'Dream Machine' a little over-weight, no real job prospects and with a bunch of friends who you would never take home to meet your parents! ... More However I admire his tenacity and his commitment to Alison and the pregnancy.
I had a great laugh and I also shed a few tears (being a mother).
It can be a little offensive at times but this is a must-see for both sexes.Hide