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Saw this at the Film Festival... totally wow! Ben Foster is awesome! His performance as a man trying to disappear was riveting. And Thomasin McKenzie does such a great job of the daughter... looking forward to see what other acting she does in the future. This isn't a fun movie, it is very gut wrenching and one of these movies that gets you thinking... take a hanky...

beautifully shot Oregon forest life, understated, spare script, and accomplished performances, Debra Granik has directed a film of lingering memorability. go girl!

Saw this in the festival- it was probably my fave film. I was still thinking about it days later. The performances are sooooo good. A captivating film- hard to pinpoint exactly how this is so good, it just is.

Director Debra Granik follows up Winter’s Bone (the film that launched Jennifer Lawrence’s career), with a father-daughter relationship movie fuelled by standout performances by Ben Foster, and newcomer Kiwi, Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie as 13-year-old Tom.

Foster plays Will, an army vet living off the grid, bringing his daughter up as a back-to-nature, self-sufficient survivalist. Then child services try to intervene...

Rather than going Rambo, Granik takes a far more naturalistic,... More dramatic and human route, focusing on character and compassion.

Simple, subtle and soaked in symbolism, this is a powerful, slow-burning meditation on life and love, powered by two mesmerising performances.Hide

BY Ian_Anderson superstar

Will and Tom live off-the-grid in a forest outside Portland, Oregon. In other words, they are homeless. Will is a war veteran who is either not keen on being around people or living indoors (or both), which puts him offside with "the authorities". Tom is his "home" schooled teenage daughter.

This is more Tom's film than Will's film and showing both her love, devotion to her father and her adaptability to both their current lifestyle and to the alternatives on offer. Tom is also growing up and... More becoming less dependant on Will. Leave No Trace tries to take no sides between people on the edge of society and modern society itself. It also shows that those at the edge of society are there for different reasons, do it in different ways and don't always get on with each other. It is also a feel-good story, which like a fairy tale, takes us a little beyond the edge of darkness but brings us safely back.Hide