New Zealand's Best 2019

New Zealand's Best 2019

New Zealand's Best 2019

New Zealand International Film Festival short film showcase from Aotearoa filmmakers, selected by NZ filmmaking legend Jane Campion. See below for more info on each of the shorts.

Nancy From Now On

A young man has a burning desire to be a drag queen. Written and directed by Keely Meechan.

"I liked this film for its light-handed yet authentic expression of alt-sexuality and the unforgettable charm of the lead, Bailey Poching." (Jane Campion)


A young woman is released from jail and goes straight to a party. Directed by Briar Grace-Smith.

"Distinguishes itself through Briar Grace-Smith’s tenderly emotional eye on a young girl in fright. The world of her brother’s ‘cool’ friends feels credible, fun and alive, but not wise, not kind." (Jane Campion)

Egg Cup Requiem

A collector reveals the story behind his lifelong obsession. Directed by Prisca Bouchet and Nick Mayow.

"This clever film builds a powerful and unexpected emotion, the likes of which felt new to me. There is not a wrong move in this exquisitely told portrait. It’s a bold, true and quietly brilliant achievement." (Jane Campion)

Golden Boy

A day in the life of a young man with a desire to be noticed. Written and directed by Alex Plumb.

"I liked very much that Alex Plumb drew us into mysterious, existential territory, that he trusted the psyche over sense."  (Jane Campion)

Our Father

Two sisters are confronted by a dark history when their estranged father returns. Directed by Esther Mauga.

"I appreciated the subtle telling of this family drama, especially the standout central performance of the charismatic and conflicted elder sister played by Samara Alofa." (Jane Campion)


In 1600s Aotearoa a young woman prepares for her destiny by undergoing a sacred ritual. Directed by Becs Arahanga.

"An irresistible tale of female empowerment told in a gloriously enchanted Māori world. It’s a super-heroine story about periods, fantastically alive and unforgettable. Makes me proud to be a woman." (Jane Campion)

2019Rating: M, Sexual abuse themes, violence, offensive language & sexual content95 minsNew Zealand
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