One Day

One Day


Adaptation of the popular British romance novel, following the relationship of two friends who catch up on the same day every year to see how the other's life is going. Stars Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada) and Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe). From the director of An Education.... More

"After one day together - July 15th, 1988, their college graduation - Emma (Hathaway) and Dexter (Sturgess) begin a friendship that will last a lifetime. She is an ambitious working-class girl and he's a wealthy charmer who dreams that the world will be his playground. For the next two decades, key moments of their relationship are experienced over several July 15ths... together and apart, we see them through their friendship and fights, hopes and missed opportunities. Somewhere along their journey, they realise that what they are searching and hoping for has been there for them all along." (Official Synopsis)Hide

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It should have been a match made in heaven. Teaming up the stars of two of the more avant-garde and risque romantic movies for the past few years – Love and Other Drugs and Across the Universe – with a Danish director who had already made an acclaimed, period-set literary adaptation. Unfortunately the end result is a half-baked, virtually humourless, romantic muddle that doesn’t do the much-loved book justice.... More

A cross between When Harry Met Sally (can they ever really just be friends?) and 500 Days of Summer (a distillation of a relationship’s falls and rises), One Day lacks the former’s wit and the latter’s invention. Part of the problem is that there’s little chemistry between the leads and the story’s brief running time and episodic nature doesn’t help that. Sturgess can’t transcend the fact that Dexter is basically an upper-class prat, while Hathaway just struggles with the accent and a terribly underwritten character.

Scherfig tries to enliven proceedings with clever Teachers-esque titles and a soundtrack that includes everyone from Tracey Chapman to Tears for Fears and Del Amitri to Fat Boy Slim, but you can’t help feeling this dreary tale could have done with a bit of fancy editing or narrative reconstruction.Hide

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BY Gerd superstar

This is a good movie, very touchy, excellent written, sensitively acted, but I couldn't honestly say that I loved it.
Films like that give me the feel of my own life as a long line of excruciating pain and terrible losses with just some brief moments of happiness. With other words I feel down leaving the theatre, I rather spend my money on something that lifts my spirits.
However it has some very important messages like: "Spend times with those you you never know when it might end."

BY CBwood wannabe

This film is a huge reward for fans of the book. Perhaps its not Scherfig's best work, and perhaps Nicholls should not have adapted the screenplay. Hathaway's accent isn't awful, and as Em and Dex the two leads are perfectly lovable. Read my full review here:

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  • The ultimate end of the story reveals that it's all about Sturgess' suffering, which just isn't that compelling a topic. Given its lack of center and balance, the film might more appropriately be called "One Dude." Full Review

  • In a season of movies dumb and dumber, One Day has style, freshness, and witty bantering dialogue. Full Review

  • It may not truly capture the complexities of its source material but One Day is funny, winning and entertaining - if little else. Full Review

  • A slushy, mawkish and weirdly humourless romance with a sub-Richard Curtis style and more endings than Lord of the Rings. Full Review

  • Danish director Lone Scherfig skillfully adapts David Nicholls' best-selling romantic novel to the screen. Full Review

  • As so often happens with love, what you hope for is not even close to what you get, and in this case we are left with a heartbreaking disappointment of a film. Full Review

  • Her (Ms. Scherfig) eccentric eye and offbeat rhythm sustain One Day through its stretches of banality and mitigate some of its flaws. Full Review

  • Much of Nicholls’ sharp dialogue and emotional truth remains intact, but the over-faithful translation does little to compensate for what can’t be lifted from the page. Full Review

  • A bittersweet love story. Due to its fragmented structure, the dramatic arc never seems satisfying enough, although Rachel Portman's beautiful score weaves a melodic rainbow through the exposition Full Review

  • On a moment-by-moment basis, Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess make this long-arc love story viable, sometimes even vital. But the structural conceit proves more reductive than expansive, the big picture too overdetermined to really sweep the viewer away. Full Review

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