Penny Pincher!

Penny Pincher!

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French comedy about a miserly musician whose financial world is flipped upside down and shaken by the ankles. From the director of 2010 action crime drama Point Blank. More

"Dany Boon stars in this raucous comedy as François Gautier, a talented musician with a fatal flaw – he is a penny pincher! Every aspect of his life is calculated to the last detail to be as inexpensive as possible. Everything changes when an attractive new musician in his orchestra enters the scene. François is further challenged when a daughter he never knew he had comes unexpectedly into his life. Forced to lie to cover up his faults, this is just the start of François’ problems, and his wallet begins to suffer the consequences of his deceit…" (Alliance Française French Film Festival)

2016Rating: M, Sex scenes & offensive language89 minsFranceFrench with English subtitles

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Penny Pincher! is available to stream in New Zealand now on Google Play and Apple TV and Academy On Demand.