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BY Barny superstar

I went into the theatre real excited: One of my favourite Stephen King books after all. Stylistically perfect in parts - the journey at night to Little God Swamp was visually awesome. I didn't like much else. I prefer the 1989 adaption.

BY sarahj nobody

Pet Sematary was such a good movie! It was the perfect jump scare, humorous thriller movie. I loved the execution of it and how it always kept you guessing and wondering what would happen next. Although I can't really remember the original movie and never read the book its definitely a movie anybody could watch. Honestly loved this movie and would recommend it to anybody that loves movies with evil cats too.

BY RealityCheck superstar

It's a great remake, new, qwerty and peppered with dark humour. I loved it and was visually tied to my seat throughout, thanks to the wonderful acting of that guy we know in Third Rock from the Sun, and a hunting little girl who reminds me of the twin in the Shinning, the Exorcist or maybe The Ring... Totally worth a watch :-)

I for one was relieved when the third act descended into madness. The tension was almost unbearable in parts, so when it got silly I was grateful and enjoyed the ride.

BY tsan479 wannabe

Pet Semetary had me holding my breath from the get-go. The jump scares are cleverly mixed up to keep you on your toes and add to the building tension of the movie.

A great underlying theme and story keeps the movie interesting. And a genuine connection to the characters helps to bring your emotions out.

I thouroughly enjoyed the movie and would recommend to all those horror/ thriller enthusiasts!

BY hayok lister

I'm sorry to say that Ellie is less creepy than the original Gage. In saying that, I understand the reason behind the change. The grief is indeed more palpable as Ellie was developed better. It's this grief and loss that I didn't find too convincing here, specially if compared to something like El Orfanato. The scares are average at best as well.

BY KennethP91 superstar

Pet Sematary is a remake of the 1989 movie based on a novel by Stephen King.

This movie stars Jason Clarke, John Lithgow also featuring Jeté Laurence. It's directed by Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer.

With the new influx of remakes and reboots, Pet Sematary is the latest to join the fray. Much like IT (2017), Pet Sematary delivers some heart-pounding jump scares within unsettling environments. Their major changes worked within the movie's favor with Ellie dying from a truck crash instead... More of Gage and becoming a murderous zombie. It delivers some funny situations whether unintentional or not but it works as it's still unsettling and definitely creepy.

Unfortunately the movie lags tremendously in the first and second acts and though they still have some creepy visuals it makes you wish the movie would just get on to the good parts.

Overall this adaptation is on point with the novel yet still manages to bring something different to the story. However the lagging first and second acts and with some repeated sequences it drags it down to something that's mediocre.Hide

BY austriaco wannabe

..a horror that doesn't rewrite the rules but still gives you scares along the way still exist and Pet Sematary is one of them. The scare jumps come sometimes from unexpected areas which makes the supposed scary scenes a bit predictable. But don't want more from a B-grade horror.

The build up in the beginning was good but loses the plot and slides into the modern day zombie flick.

BY MattB wannabe

Good remake of the Stephen King classic. A good creepy, sinister thriller with a haunting setting and great visuals. Cast is great and it's got a couple of genuine jumps and scares. Definitely worth a watch.

At first it felt a bit like a TV movie, but once the pivotal accident scene occurs, Pet Semetary becomes a decidedly different beast. It’s darker, it’s crueler than what you’ve been lead to believe. Although there’s not as much blood or scares as you might expect, and there’s some campy dialogue causing a weird tone to occasionally poke through, the film stands solidly enough to exist within the Stephen King cinematic universe that Hollywood is so obviously trying to build.