Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D

Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 3D

18 Jun 11

A great step back from the confusion of the Third Movie

Loved the movie! It realised the third movie's mistake of over complicating the script and affects in the wake of a MASSIVE budget.

I do feel the movie relied a bit TOO much on the strength on Johnny Depps characturisation of Jack Sparrow and it could've been a bit better had it focused just a tad more on the other characters - Geoffrey Rush is STELLAR and though I fell 'depp'ly in lone with Depp during the first run of POTC, I do believe that Geoffrey's character deserved more limelight than it did.

I was greatful for one (unlike most) that Kiera and Orlando to be seen, however I was half expecting a cameo where you see Orlando's character meeting his wife and ten year old child in the background of the movie (Which could've been wicked!)

Penelope does a great job, I was expecting her role to be "Damsel in distress with one or two interesting lines, and a whole lot of pointless". I was happily surprised to find her role enchanting and exciting for me to watch, with maybe only one or two pathetic lines but nothing more!

All in all: good movie, really. Just a bit too Depp-struck for my cup of tea,

Also - there is an extra part at the end, but honestly not worth sitting through the credits for : SPOILER ALERT: Penelope's character finds Johnny Depp's voo doo doll on the beach. That's it - nothing else.