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It is not until I saw this film that I realised the influence this song had on NZ music.
Dalvanius was a special character who saw potential that others didn't, it was only through his drive and determination that the song was recorded and received the publicity that it did.

BY ANn-Kidd wannabe

Every Kiwi, no everyone will enjoy this doco come movie. Full of the humour and honesty we all expect, know, and love from our bromates. It will make you ever prouder to be a kiwi. Shame on you NZ that no funds were forthcoming to help the Patea Maori group to get to London to play before the Queen. Dal mortgaged his own home to achieve this.
So, soo pleased I went to see this and you will be too.

BY bunny lister

Everyone knows the song POI E and now everyone should know how it was born! Its a very Heart warming, funny Kiwiana movie and MUST SEE!