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Ward is attempting to place together two largely (at the time) incommensurable cultures, so critics' requirements for something seamless amd tidy are missing part of the point. The awkwardness of the many cultural and visual interfaces in the movie seem more appropriate than any generic dramatic "unity" or conventional historical film smoothness.

Like others have said, the story was hard to follow. Voice over seemed overused at the start and end and didn't seem to make things much clearer. I wonder which parts Vincent was removed for and if that really made anything better, or if Alun Bollard fixed things? Having worked on small shoots myself, I know the trouble that can crop up and I can tell someone was trying to rescue this flick in post. It feels like the writers didn't finish the job properly before filming started.

Vincent does a wonderful job to bring a new life into the cinema. This is a art house movie with splashings of grandeur. The underling story of a women finding her son is eclipsed by the share weight of beautiful scenes and fantastic battle scenes. It leaves you wanting more. You find that a collage of pictures that will stay with you for a long time. Mr Morrison does a fantastic job as the Moari chief in particular inspirational battle scene where the camera cuts to him in all his glory.... More Cliff Curtis is very od not looking at taking to many risks with the character and Raweri looking like he could have a bright future as the young son. Samantha I felt didn't give you time to breath and as this lead you into an on the edge performance I wasn't able to enjoy her. Much like her performance in IN AMERICA. Over all the movie is a must piece and a different DVD buy as well as great conversation over a few drinks.Hide

I have to agree with all the first critic has said. I think Morton's performance was outstanding. The film had me gripped for two hours and I still can't remove it from my mind.

The Dominion Post reviewer had it right. The NZ Herald and SST reviewers as is so often the case had it wrong.
Why haven't you got the review by Sam Edwards of the Waikato Times in your list of press reviews. Well worth reading. He gave it 4 stars too.

The imagery and landscape captured is quite stunning. This alone is worth seeing the movie. Though don't expect a great story. I felt the potential slip by looking at what could have been a period piece of great significance. The battle scenes were done well as were the insights into the Maori culture (at least to a Pakeha). Though the actors were certainly capable (Keifer Sutherland is just there to draw in an audience as his screen time is limited) I found the story line disjointed and... More lacking clarity. As much as I wanted to emotionally immerse myself in the river I didn't know where to jump.Hide