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A thriller that takes its cue from the spirit photography 'phenomenon', where ghosts visually manifest themselves in photos.

Joshua Jackson plays a photographer called Ben, who travels to Tokyo for a lucrative assignment. His new wife Jane accompanies him. The two lovebirds are excited to be in Japan, and are blissfully driving along a picturesque mountain road when – bam! Jane hits a woman. But when the pair gets out of their car, they can’t find any trace of a body.

Curious blurs - evocative of human forms - start to appear in Ben’s photos amongst other strangeness - as they couple become entrenched in a haunting. Jane becomes obsessed with it, and attempts to unravel the mystery. More

2008Rating: R16, Contains Horror Scenes91 minsUSA, Japan

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Shutter is available to stream in New Zealand now on Google Play and Disney+ and TVNZ+.