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BY NickNDA lister least in my opinion! I actually enjoyed the story told here, as it fills in many details we never knew (and didn't know we wanted to). I liked the Solo/Chewbacca relationship and it was pretty cool for Director Ron Howard to ante up on the 'who shot first?' meme. The female characters are good and Glover is great as Lando - my only (minor) issue was trying to figure out how old Solo actually is. I guess this film is early 20s Solo whereas the version Harrison Ford played was/is very late... More 20s? Overall I think this film is a worthy edition to the series. ~ 7.5/10Hide

BY Bayly lister

I both liked and hated 'Solo: 'A Star Wars Story'. I read "it was challenging for the actors at the time, but we got through with it". I think this is a fun and entertaining film but at the same time, I think they could've done a better job.

I've watched all the Star Wars films and I'm a fan just not a FAN. I'm not fanatical. I liked this film a lot as a look back into Han's origin story but mostly just as a great science fiction action flick. It's a whole lot of fun, fast paced and full of great characters it doesn't have to be more than that. I was entertained, it did its job for $11 I have no complaints.

I really enjoyed the film, that cameo was cool, soundtrack was epic and can't wait for more of this Han. I bet there be another chapter to come out

BY Barny superstar

A couple of cringey almost fanfic sounding origin moments aside, This was really damn good.

BY PercyM superstar

It's rather satisfactory, with enough action and visuals to provide a mediocrely enjoyable film.