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BY aleanaf lister

An action-packed and enjoyable film.
It is a film that goes all out and does it well. It does not feel cluttered with all the different characters, with each one bring a different personality to the film.
The animation really stands out and is beautifully done to captivate the beauty of New York.
Loved all the references in the film and they really don't hold back!
One of the best Spiderman films and definitely deserves that Oscar

BY Leigh19 nobody

Laugh-out-loud moments, six spider-people to cheer for, from schoolboy version to out-of-shape Parker. Who had time to eat popcorn?! I liked it a lot!!

BY Newt superstar

Perhaps the best version of Spider-Man on screen? Will Miles Morales be the more popular Spider-Man in five years time is a question my friend posed and it's an interesting one. Even though the high school tropes have been done to death on screen, this still manages to capture the essence of a high-schooler in a fresh way. Comedic timing is great throughout and the wittiest post-credits scene to date.

BY PjM-97 nobody

Great all round comic book movie with epic artwork, score and story

BY amydaisy superstar

Now I loved Spider-Man: Homecoming, but this has gone above it in terms of my favourite spider-man film. I loved every second of it, its bright, fun and has an amazing story behind it! and who doesn't want 6 spider people in one film?!