Stanley Kubrick's Pinocchio

Stanley Kubrick's Pinocchio


Legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick (The Shining, A Clockwork Orange) reinvents Walt Disney’s classic tale in this 1972 fantasy horror about a wish upon a star that brings a puppet to life. Young Pinocchio grows curious about his own existence, one that turns into a metaphysical crisis as he debates whether or not he has a ‘soul’. There is only one way to know for sure: by ascending into the galaxy to discover the star that granted him consciousness. But the universe is a complex enigma, and as Pinocchio will soon find out, the journey to becoming a ‘real boy’ will be the ultimate trip. In cinemas April 1st, 2015.

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Kubrick's genius is on full display in this lost gem, especially his decision to have the wooden boy's winky-dink, rather than his nose, elongate when spinning untruths.

As a psychosexual examination and rumination on the existential dread of existence, it's uncanny how Kubrick forshadows not only his own A.I. (helmed by his longtime pal Steven Spielberg), but everything from the controversy over stem-cell research, to the fracas that surrounded New Zealand Television's X-Factor in 2015.

As... More with 2001, Kubrick exhibits once more his uncanny knack for predicting our dystopian future. One scene in particular, involving a tub of Vaseline, a cricket, a whale, three goats and the entire chorus of the London Boys Choir left this reviewer as shocked and stunned as even the most extreme Adam Sandler / Eli Roth collaboration (and who can forget their Happy Gilmore's 120 Days of Sodom?)

In a word? Stunning. In two? Stunningly stunning. See it - but be warned. Take a spare pair of pants.

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  • If you're able to forgive the opening 200 minutes, Stanley Kubrick's Pinocchio is a profound philosophical experience for the whole family. Full Review

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