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It didn't have high expectations for this movie but was totally into the whole scene. It had me laughing out loud, sniggering to myself and cringing into my hoodie. A good one to go and see with mates - especially if you're older than 16.

this is suchh a crak up FIlm especially for guys nt so much foa gurls, myt b 2 rude 4 em lmao buhtt yer havnt laughed soo much in agess HIGHLY RECCOMMEND SEEEING IT :D:D haha

I love Judd Apatow films and laughed heaps at 40 Year Old Virgin and more recently Knocked Up so perhaps I had too higher hopes for Superbad?! I laughed out loud a few times and chuckled at other times but in all honesty, I was expecting more.

Just to let everybody know, Andrew Headly, an "official" reviewer walks a thin line. To give Superbad 3 stars is a disgrace. This is a five star, laugh out loud classic.

Certainly better than Ratatouille (which Andrew labels a "Master Piece").

Andrew please accept this as your first official warning.

Awful, awful, awful - don't waste your money on this film - even 11 year old boys would find watching this excruciating. Lacks both imagination and believability and is devoid of all subtle humour. Would be boring if not so cringe inducing.