The Amazing Spider-Man 3D

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 3D

By Jordan
02 Aug 12

A Return To Continuity For The Web Slinger

In what is almost a first for comic book movies, the famous character Spider-Man has been rebooted for film, resulting in a retelling of his origin.
While many would ask, "Why do they need to retell it?" it is better to see it as an opportunity for a new portrayal of a fan favourite.

So how does this film do compared to that of Raimi's trilogy?

From the outset, comparing the two films is a detriment to you as the viewer. This new tale directed by Marc Webb ("500 Days Of Summer") takes us right back to the beginning for Peter Parker, played this time by Andrew Garfield ("The Social Network"), whom returns our hero to high school, where he wins the heart of Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone ("Crazy Stupid Love") while trying to figure out what it is to have great power.
Of course, the other characters that inspire Peter to follow his path are still in play, with Uncle Ben played this time by Martin Sheen ("The West Wing") and Aunt May by Sally Field ("Forrest Gump").
Rounding out the cast is Rhys Ifans playing the role of Dr. Curt Connors (Whose character was in Raimi's trilogy, just to confuse audiences more) that becomes the antagonist of the film.

Overall, the story moves with enough pace to move through it's acts that develops the characters or motives that will carry the franchise forward, yet leaves some events underdeveloped.
With the change in origin, it provides a fresh start to everything Raimi presented us with.
The web-shooters are now mechanical, Peter is still in High School and Gwen is the present love interest. All these create a path that is truly Spider-Man and by the "true" end of the film, you'll be wondering if Peter is really out of the woods or merely starting to scratch at what he is about to experience.
With the development of technology and other parts, this film bears a resemblance to that of the friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man we'd see in the comics, yet twists it with what is known the Ultimate universe.

While it shares attributes of that which has come before, it is a new day for the Amazing Spider-Man.

And it's better for it.