The Avengers 3D

Review: The Avengers 3D

24 May 12


I feel like it's completely impossible to write a review about 'The Avengers', simply because it's just TOO AMAZING FOR WORDS. But I'll try my best ;)

My favourite part of the film was the character dynamics. We are already somewhat accquainted with these characters, but when you throw them altogether, we get something else entirely, and the film really plays on that. I mean, the interactions between them all - hilarious, adorable, frightening, BRILLIANT. Love it! The characters really drive the plot, which works really well. In particular I'd like to mention how great Mark Ruffalo is as the Hulk - seeing as the Hulk's been played by a couple of different actors before, it can't have been easy for him to find his own interpretation. But he gets the balance between the nerdy science genius and the rage-filled monster just perfect! :D

The special effects and the 3D side of things are amazingly done too - I'm not usually sold on 3D, but it's completely worth it here! :)

Errr, so yeah - JUST SEE IT ALREADY hahaaa. You can't miss it!