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BY Gambit70 grader

Some good special effects... the odd laugh... but is fairly boring really.

BY CSBright superstar

Best one yet

BY Wice superstar

Generally I love this sort of fantasy movie - where one can escape like the characters to a magical alnd. However, this one managed to get me somewhat bored. Unfortunately, I found the acting pretty awful although I remember loving the Naria children in earlier movies. As for hubbie, he hated it and made me promise never to take him to anything like this again. If this is not a family movie and rather made for children, then take the older ones as there were enough scary bits to frighten... More little ones for a good few nights.Hide

One movie, two storylines: an aged original and an addition that failed to engage us. Did not do a lot for us.

One of our group nearly fell asleep in the first half. One said that she will see the next one when it becomes a $1 DVD rental.

Favourite part was the end.

Thought this was great. Took my 6 year old who thought it was cool if a bit scary towards the end. Of the 3 Narnia movies I thought this was the best story and best looking.

The best Narnia film yet - quite scary sometimes but very cool.

Good movie though the book is still better!!!!!!!!! + good special effects BUT HONESTLY WHAT IS WITH THEESE PEOPLE THEY NEED TO STICK TO THE BOOK!!!!!!!!! STOP CHANGEING THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this movie is useless it has no plot and nothing intresting happens in it

This movie is a good contrast to the intense and spooky Harry Potter, but it's not brilliant. The filmmakers have added a quest to the original, which it needed, but which doesn't totally make sense. Also some added elements are very hokey (little stowaway girl looking for her mummy?).But good for children of all ages, where HP is now a little too grown up.

Itz pretty good,but the script is a little too predictable.