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An absolute favourite of mine - one of the best and most tense cops and robbers films around. Terrific star turns by all involved makes it a treat.

Love the movie but the only thing that let it down for me was the ending.. IMO it didnt go with the movie.. in fact I burst into laughter at one point automatically, thnakfully I was the only person there.. What do you think about the lift scene at the end.. by the time the third one happened I was laughing and it certainly wasnt

But I did love the movie till that point..

BY Brian1 superstar

Whilst this film presents the brilliance of Scorsese's directing and similarlythe acting of di Caprio, Nicholson et al, a storyline that is based on violence only seems to not carry the potential to the heights such genius could otherwise achieve.
And the music...great.

Storytelling is the main objective of The Departed, and on this count it works well, constantly clawing you toward its next scene. Many cliches invented by Scorcese are worn out again but he wears them well.

Character depth however is never quite built upon throughout the second half of the movie, and the denouement leaves too many loose ends.

Great direction and cast, bar Jack Nickolson, felt he was mainly there for the ride, he could have brought more depth to his character. First film I've seen with Leonardo where I have actually thought him sexy!

Scorsese... full stop. An incredible movie that's going to become a classic.

I think generally people's opinions are that if you've already seen the first Infernal Affairs then this is isn't as good, but if you haven't then you'll love this. But in the end everyone always agrees that this is an absolutely amazing movie!

Is there anyone better than Scorsese for pure entertainment? And my god, what a cast - all impressive: DiCaprio, Damon, Wahlberg are great and rarely this intense; I'd never seen Farmiga before but she too impressed; the best Baldwin by a long shot; and Nicholson is genius.

Go see it!

My wife was bored by this, and I freakin loved it. So I'd say it's a guys film, plenty of macho stuff, bit of gore... but such a great story, and it feels very authentic.

It is one of the best movies I've seen this year. It keeps you at the edge of your seat and stays with you for some time after you've finished watching it. It's pretty graphic though so if you are screamish...

I absolutely recommend this movie!!

Wow. This is absolutely first rate entertainment. It's long - an epic! But constantly intriguing and fascinating. I saw it on its first night in Auckland and cinema was nearly sold out. I'd say its the most gripping and fun movie of the year.