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BY Newt superstar

A period drama slightly off-beat but in fact more intriguing than the conventional kind. The triumvirate of Colman, Weisz and Stone has such good dynamic that you'd be absorbed from start to finish.

BY PeterS superstar

.... are outstanding. I'm sure others will talk about the excellence of the performances etc, but I'd like to single out the work of the costume designer; they really brought the period to life.

Who can forget the shooting scene. What wonderful outfits!

BY anthonyb nobody

A superb cast cannot save this turgid joyless royal romp. While Olivia, Rachel and Emma do their predictable best, and the script has moments of witty banter, overall his story is as diseased as sad sorry Queen Anne herself. While the odd comic scene provides light relief, the story is increasingly grim and the ending brings no relief. The director constantly draws attention to the artifice of filmmaking with cuts to fish-eye angles, intrusive and often annoying soundtrack music. It could have... More easily lost 30 minutes from its seemingly interminable runtime also. If all of that sounds like your cup of poisoned tea, go right ahead, but be warned, you’ll definitely feel like some comic relief after this one.Hide

BY wobbit superstar

Queen Anne has a close adviser, but a closer adviser is around the corner.
Not sure how historically accurate the film is, but it captured my attention!

BY filmlover superstar

Reminiscent of Greenaway's 'The Draughtsman's Contract' and WinterBottom's 'Tristram Shandy' once more we are thrown into the absurdities of wigs, idiots and the absurdities of life when the Royals were all powerful but at the mercy of the ruthless and quick witted. Here is the story of a Queen, played deftly by the superior Olivia Coleman, who is sinking into madness after the deaths of 17 lost babies. Some may call this a comedy but really the humour must be wrestled out of this story of... More loss. Nicholas Hault shines in this one and Emma Stone is the best she has ever been in my opinion but don't be drawn by any reviews that tell you it's all a bit of a costumed romp. The locations and costuming are sumptuous and may well garner an oscar as may Coleman.Hide

So, another historical drama from Yorgos Lanthimos. Much more energy than his other work, propelled along by the angry tension between its leads. Takes a different direction from other period dramas, reducing its world to, essentially, the royal household. As such, more similar to a romantic drama such as Shakespeare in Love than the grand spectacle of, say, Kenneth Branagh's Henry V. This story is not so much Pride and Prejudice as Anna Karenina: -... More
All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
The director mostly takes a back seat for this work, except for a few self-indulgent landscape shots through fish-eye lenses towards the end of the film. In sum, a welcome relief from plodding melodramas starring Colin Farrell, and a jump to a sort of all-female Blackadder.Hide

An intriguing period piece about the sexual politics and power dynamics surrounding the Queen of England and those seeking her favour in the 18th Century. The story is made all the more interesting by a biting, dark comedic streak that runs throughout, while the film itself benefits from featuring lavish sets and costumes, superb photography, and enthralling performances from all three lead actresses.

Found this film surprising and darkly funny. Loved the costumes and the excellent characters. Don't take Nana unless she's pretty open minded.

BY arlomclean superstar

Darkly hilarious and absurd, The Favourite manages to be a welcome entry into the resumé of Yorgos Lanthimos' and is one of 2018's best!

BY wpja1981 wannabe

I was happily entertained by the skilful acting of the characters and yes unusual but very enjoyable. I came to the event to be entertained and this movie does that with the light touch of humour and yes a little dark but not predictable which has all the elements I look for. Well done and thanks for the opportunity to view.

There’s no doubt this film is different. It’s an oddball drama/comedy that doesn’t easily fall into either category, but is enjoyable all the same.
The backing music can be grating at times, but the acting and cinematography were both excellent. However I was left with a feeling that I had just watched the middle of a film, missing both ends... it just felt like the story didn’t wrap up well.

BY Frankly nobody

Escape into the luscious and vicious world of early 18th–century royal court shenanigans under the reign of Queen Anne. Oscar-worthy Olivia Colman is compelling as the monarch, who battled poor health most of her life and suffered through 17 pregnancies that ended in miscarriage or death. Despite these somber facts, director Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacred Deer) brings dark humour and profanity into the power tryst that develops between Anne, her childhood friend and... More confident Sarah, the Duchess of Marlborough, and maid Abigail Hill, Sarah’s cousin. Emma Stone is beguiling as the conniving Abigail and Rachel Weisz equally energetic as the duchess trying to control state and personal matters on behalf of the queen.
The cinematography is both expansive (fisheye) and claustrophobic (low angle or candlelit) – highlighting the loneliness of the characters in such sumptuous palace rooms. Bach, Handel and other classics are interspersed with unnerving modern sounds to heighten the drama and whimsy. Top that off with the queen of costume herself, Sandy Powell (Orlando, Shakespeare in Love, The Young Victoria), and you have a visual feast that celebrates the brilliance of its three female leads.Hide

A period drama for people who hate period dramas. GIVE THEM ALL OF THE AWARDS KTHX

The Favourite had so much to offer: a stellar cast, beautiful costumes, and of course a Queen with a most unusual life plagued with loss, rumour and squabbles.
The focus in this film is a love triangle with Queen Anne, and while there are plenty of laughs and the poetic licence offers (what should be) a compelling storyline, Yorgos Lanthimos' direction unfortunately misses the mark.
No doubt the art critics will love it simply for its subject, not to mention men in large wigs and make up, Emma... More Stone's nudity, and vulgar language. It left me quite underwhelmed though.Hide

Really enjoyed the old history with the modern twist. The theatrics, costumes and the humour make this a great movie. Highly recommend it.

This is where you people all wake up to the sheer f*cking unadulterated talent of (future Dame) Olivia Colman.

Oh and that ending then going into a dissolve. And Skyline Pigeon. Praise be Yorgos.

Loved this movie with portrays the historically accurate relationship between Queen Anne - brilliantly played by Olivia Coleman - and the two women who were rivals for her attention and affection. Superb costumes, brilliant choice of music and great characterisations make this a must-see movie.

BY Kiwi1971 lister

The trailer paints this as more of a comedy, but it is primarily a drama that has some laugh out loud scenes and dialogue. The ostentatious nature of the period, also makes for some light moments, e.g. ridiculous dancing, duck and lobster races.

Hatfield House and Hampton Court Palace provide a beautiful backdrop to this humourous 18th century drama focusing on the relationship between two recently acquainted cousins and their efforts to become or remain the Queen's favourite,... More respectively.

Olivia Coleman stands out [as usual] as the increasingly erratic Queen Anne, who is possibly never as befuddled as she seems, as she plays one cousin against the other for her own ends.
Supported ably by Stone and Wiesz as the embattled cousins, as well as other familiar faces such as Nicholas Hoult and Mark Gatiss.

A possibly overused fish-eye lens make for some interesting shots that take in more of the historic rooms and halls, but make them seem warped or skewed.

Amazing locations and incredible attention to detail in the period costumes. (I assume)

If you are into trigger warnings, there is more than one off-hand reference to rape by one of the female leads, some shocking if not uncomfortable scenes of a sexual nature that are more implied than graphic, and probably more c-bombs than any film I can remember, but they are well timed and usually elicit a laugh when delivered.

Will definitely watch again when it's streaming.Hide

I had thought this was going to be more of a comedy after having seen the trailer previously but it really wasn't! It was watchable but I would not rate it as a " must see".

BY amc32 superstar

and it certainly wasn't what i was expecting.
but do go see it. it's unusual and unusually good.

Not for the faint hearted and not what you'd expect from a semi period piece but hellishly entertaining all the same. Perfectly set with an incredible cast who combine to give a performance that will leave you amazed. A must see.

A rich mahogany period piece infused with Lanthimos' usual curiosities. Weisz and Stone's passive aggressive struggle for power eventually turns violent in a manner akin to Eli and Daniel Plainview.

Director Yorgos Lanthimos redefines cinema frame by frame. The most wildly entertaining and funniest movie of the year. With the most memorable dialogue, a sure front runner for best screenplay.

Queen Anne and her ladies in romping. Brilliant acting, and a storyline that has you both laughing and gasping. Well worth a watch.

Funnier than The Lobster and more stylish than ...A Sacred Deer, the animalism theme continues in this tale of courtly one-up-womanship from Yorgos Lanthimos.