The Finest Hours 3D

The Finest Hours 3D


We all live or we all die.

Chris Pine (Star Trek), Holliday Grainger (Cinderella) and Ben Foster (Lone Survivor) lead this true disaster story about the 1952 Pendleton Rescue Mission, following the brave coast guards who journeyed out to save the remaining crewmen left on two oil tankers – wrecked and sinking.

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It's easy to be wary of The Finest Hours – it gives off the whiff of an earnest, manipulative, straight-arrow film, the likes of which could only be released by Disney. It is all those things, but if you're willing to hold your cynicism at bay, it's also an often stirring, highly enjoyable tale of courage in the face of insurmountable odds.... More

I think I'm a little more susceptible to stories of seafaring derring-do than most. It would help explain why I was so off base with general opinion on In The Heart of the Sea and, to a lesser extent, the Point Break remake.

The Finest Hours spoke directly to this susceptibility, and I had a grand old time watching it. There is a weighty tactility and sense of scale in the split-oil tanker scenes that wasn't present in either The Perfect Storm or Titanic.

Chris Pine is a decent, stoic lead, although English actor Holliday Grainger (The Riot Club) steals the show as his fiancée. As the oil tanker's engineer, Casey Affleck projects the kind of wistfulness than only a hardened seaman can muster. And again, it works.

The convincingly-rendered period aesthetic deepened the sense of immersion in the film, and there's a raft of talent in the supporting roles. If the idea of this film is remotely appealing, I urge you to give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

Turns out the Coast Guard aren't just there to police the police after all.Hide

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I enjoyed this movie. It has a number of stories on a few major characters and how they come together. The fact that this movie is based on a real-life rescue paints pretty amazing story. I liked the old photos of the real people at the end with the credits.

BY JW64 nobody

I agree with one of the reviewer that the love story part is really unnecessary. I know it's something Hollywood does to appeal to the chicks but I am a woman and I found it cringy. The movie could just skim over the dating etc and say he's engaged. A little more background on Bernie's experience at sea would be good too so we can understand why he made the decisions he did. The rescue bit was good though.

Overall a good true story movie, good acting and story line that kept me eagerly awaiting the suspense of the rescue

BY thorinoak superstar

An engrossing rescue story that is unfortunately distracted by the eye fluttering romance between Pine and Grainger's characters. First 3D film in years and didn't feel as though it added anything to the story.
Thanks for the free screening Flicks, but in future perhaps survey the winners of such screenings to ask them if they like to continually and loudly state the obvious throughout films and if so can you politely ask them to stay at home. Thank you! :)

BY rweeks superstar

The water scenes were generally very well done and there were a number of impressive and exciting sequences. In my opinion though, the love story was completely unnecessary and I cringed through most of the first half hour. Chris Pine did the best he could with the clunky dialogue but Holliday Grainger over-did the 'plucky' 1950s broad schtick.

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  • An intermittently affecting, sanded-edge adventure that feels as if it trundled off the studio production line back when Eisenhower was in office. Full Review

  • A perfectly entertaining, sometimes quite well-crafted disaster drama that nonetheless retreats from the memory almost as soon as the credits roll. Full Review

  • The pieces don’t fuse so much as fit together, and much of the action feels instructive rather than immersive. Full Review

  • Before scoffers scoff, realize that this tale of nautical derring-do has several things going for it to counteract the inherent obviousness of the material. Full Review

  • A strong cast and impressive action sequences can't find subtleties or surprises to enliven a rote period disaster movie. It hits the right points, but mechanically. Full Review

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