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BY thorinoak superstar

Peter Jackson is back on form with this one with superb action sequences (the barrel chase down the river...WOW!) and with a lot more heart than the first.

BY Colttany superstar

Well Done Peter Jackson.. once again real entertainment. Really enjoyed it

BY Gerd superstar

Same old, same old a lot of darkness with no relation to anything important on the planet and even the special effects limp miles behind of something like Avatar. Cutting an hour out of it would have helped a little.

BY Rhys-Rushton superstar

Actually my interest in the LOTR greatly diminished after the initial trilogy and I was not gripped by the same excitement and interest that I was with the first of the LOTR films. I was surprised then when I saw the latest monolithic offering from Mr Jacksons stable that it was actually quite a good film.

The 161 min runtime initially put me off a little as these epics have been known to drag on a little but there was actually quite a lot of action and a bit of suspense, so you didn’t... More really notice the time until it’s all over.

Admittedly, The Desolation of Smaug has not fully restored my interest in The LOTR but it certainly has aroused it… my interest that is.

A solid 4/5 from me.Hide

BY TG09NZ wannabe

Good film, didn't seem a long film watching it. Well done, apart from some of the SFX poorly done. Apart from that, looking forward to the next one.

BY JackWallace superstar

F**K YES! The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is just what this franchise needed. A major improvement over An Unexpected Journey, which I originally gave a five star review. The light, family-friendly tone is now gone. This installment is darker, intense and more action-packed. Martin Freeman crushes it as Bilbo Baggins, who we see his obsession with the ring growing. Ian Mckellen is amazing playing Gandalf the Grey. While Legolas feels forced into the story, his character is bada** and... More memorable. The sequence with the dwarfs in the barrels flowing down the river, escaping from the elfs and orcs fighting eachother was awesome. Then sh*t get real when the great dragon Smaug is introduced. Benedict Cumberbatch is incredible as the voice of Smaug. His scenes are the most exhilarating in the film. At almost three hours long, time flies straight by. There's never a dull moment. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug completely surpassed my expectations. I would even go as far as saying that it's just as good as Lord of the Rings.Hide

BY GrahamP superstar

Peter Jackson is the master of the camera.Every camera angle and film shot is thought through to perfection.The camera will sometimes hide behind a rock or tree while the viewer will try to see around the corner.Impressive stuff.The scenes and set pieces are far bigger than the story.
It will take you on a realistic journey through forests,rivers and mountains until it becomes time to revisit the dragon Smaug.It is all totally believable and is now the main part of the movie.
Because of some of... More the visuals and the graphic fighting scenes,it may not be everybody's taste in a movie.
Enjoy the spectacle that this is.Hide

BY silentbob88 superstar

Saw this at Readings wishing the whole time I was at the Embassy in 3D!! Still great in 2d but made for 3D HFR!!!

BY AaronG superstar

About 90 minutes in, I just wanted the film to end. Sure, lots happened in the film, and the set pieces were well put together, but they just continued to drag on and on and on. I'd probably add at least another star if the pacing was tighter.

BY jaynine superstar

You don't even realize over two hours has gone by. It's action-packed, brilliant scenes, flawless CGI, and much character development. Martin Freeman was no doubt phenomenal as Bilbo in this film; he was endearing and hilarious.
Fantastic work from WETA in creating a perfect Smaug. Great film; definitely looking forward to the next one!

Peter you have done it again, far better than the first installment with a lot more action and fun.Smaug was awesomely terrifying, fearless and light up the cinema with a wow....
The movie was going such a fast past by the time that was over it didn't felt like a 3 hour film.
Highly recommend this roller coaster ride and definitely be back to watch it again in the cinema.

This will be rank my no1 film of the year and can't wait for the final installment in a year time...