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BY baylyr wannabe

The Incredibles 2 proves and shows the original Disney gold. Laughter, Action, Fun. It just feels like a true hearted Disney film. I also love how it carries on straight from the First Film. There were some downsides to the film though: it was overtimed, it was a bit slow paced. But other from those minor issues, it thought it was a classic Disney movie.

Entertaining but sadly not a classic

BY JackWallace superstar

Back in 2004, before the dawn of the MCU, Pixar changed the game for the superhero genre with The Incredibles, a brilliant action-packed adventure and family comedy-drama with more heart, humanity and intelligence than any other movie of its type. Pixar have produced many amazing animated features, and The Incredibles is my favourite of the bunch. It's been 14 years since the original's theatrical release, and with Brad Bird returning as writer and director, how could I not be excited for the... More long-awaited sequel.

Does Incredibles 2 live up to its title? Not quite. That said, it's far from a disappointment and one of the year's most entertaining movies. Like every other Disney Pixar film in recent years, the animation is top-tier. The action sequences are exciting, crafted better than most live-action blockbusters. Fantastic voice performances from Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl.

Brad Bird's script is smart and mature. The family interactions were really well-handled. While Elastigirl is out saving the city, Bob is the stay-home dad, dealing with Violet's teenage angst, helping Dash complete his confusing maths homework, and taking care of Jack-Jack, the most dangerous and destructive member of the Parr family.

A lesser writer might have taken a sillier approach to Bob's struggle and played this aspect of the plot entirely for laughs. Bird does a great job at balancing the comedy and drama. I loved Jack-Jack. He has some of the best moments in the movie, but I didn't like Dash and particularly Violet as much. Their characters were brattier than they were in the original.

My biggest complaint with Incredibles 2 is the villain, Screenslaver, a non-character that has a very weak set-up. Syndrome was a great, fleshed-out machiavellian villain. A character that poked fun at the "toxic fanboy". He wasn't a powerful force that snaps his fingers and wipes out half the universe's population. Syndrome was just a fraud that would get his ass handed to him if it wasn't for his tech. His motivation made more sense to me than Screenslaver's did.

Not a perfect movie like the first Incredibles (I wasn't expecting it to be) but still a satisfying follow-up. I had more fun watching this than almost every other superhero movie that's come out this year (Infinity War is still the best).Hide