The Interview

The Interview


James Franco and Seth Rogen's onscreen partnership continues, here playing a talk show host and producer who land an interview with Korean dictator Kim Jong-un - but are asked to assassinate him instead. From the directors of This is the End.

Shortly before the film's US release in December 2014, a mass hacking of Sony emails and servers dumped sensitive internal material online. The hackers demanded that The Interview be pulled from release, threatening attacks on screenings and purporting to be doing so on behalf of North Korea. Cinema chains rushed to cancel screenings, and Sony initially cancelled the release of The Interview before a limited run in cinemas and on on demand platforms. ... More

Despite the US Government directly blaming North Korea for the hacking and levelling sanctions against the diplomatically isolated nation, it remains unclear who was responsible. North Korea denies involvement, and some security experts theorise a disgruntled former employee, or employees, were behind it. Either way, these events are unparalled in the scope of material leaked and the impact on a multinational company's decision-making.Hide

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More tasteless farce than blistering satire, The Interview is a relatively innocuous comedy, the injustices of North Korea serving as a glaze over the usual bro-out antics between Seth Rogen and James Franco. It's a more ordinary film than This Is The End or Pineapple Express, and the main point of difference is an obsession on the part of the filmmakers with things going into and coming out of butts.... More

The movie's biggest stumbling block is Franco, who dials up the silliness and comes across like he's in a school play and got the giggles. He's funny, but it's hard not to see Franco The Artist sniggering that he's above all this, when he's not sneaking in a weird Salo reference that is (ok, the Salo reference is awesome).

Rogen has settled into a nice post-backlash groove lately, and while he's not as schlubbily charming as he was in last year's Bad Neighbours, he's affable enough as Skylark's producer.

The comedic highlight though is Randall Park, whose Kim Jong Un is hilarious. The film's main bit of subversion is allowing Kim to be a human being with feelings, and Park plays him with a mix of vulnerability and bluster.

The Interview admirably commits to buffoonery over jingoism until its final act, when it indulges in a wee bit of flag waving. But overall it's just a chill movie about some bros that happens to feature the leader of North Korea. It's hardly incendiary but if you're looking for chuckles you could do a lot worse.Hide

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BY Gaspardation superstar

At least it has some sarcastic value in it

BY RealityCheck superstar

The Interview
Total comedy and I thought it was all fabricated, you know the hoax of the threats about why it wasn’t released. If they were real, all the better for the hype of the movie, like what ‘Blairwitch’ did. It’s like the ‘Team America-World Police’ but for real. As funny as ‘Expendables’ or 'The End' for taking the piss of themselves with great humour and I have a new found respect for James Franco.
Genre : Comedy, Drama
4/5 : Remember it’s just comedy ok, satire, not... More meant to offend or insult and it delivered just that, as good as 'Team America' did.Hide

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  • [Fashions] "The Great Dictator" and "Inglourious Basterds" into a cross joint and then [lights] it from both ends... Full Review

  • It's stupid. It's in bad taste. It impossible. I know all that. Look, Quentin Tarantino killed Hitler in "Inglourious Basterds" and the neo-Nazis stayed quiet. It's a farce, people. Full Review

  • Both Rogen and Franco, who have marvellous chemistry and exude good cheer, continue to tweak their personas in this very amusing, very imbecilic film. Full Review

  • An intensely sophomoric and rampantly uneven comic takedown of an easy but worrisomely unpredictable target. Full Review

  • Even with a strong first half lampooning the vapidity of American news media, The Interview is the worst thing Rogen has ever done. Full Review

  • Its lesson is that American pop culture is inescapable, our great achievement and most popular export, the weapon we wield abroad and the glue trap we struggle with at home. Full Review

  • Should ultimately stand as the boastfully juvenile lightning rod that modern American culture deserved — no butts about it. Full Review

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