The Kids Are All Right

Review: The Kids Are All Right

23 Feb 11


The film is a 'dramedy' but I remember it as a comedy more, and that is definitely no insult to the story. This film is hilarious. Go see it.

But on the story, it is original and very good, but not fantastic. Bening and Moore create a realistic marriage with their kids. There are many issues of modern society that the film faces (including same-sex marriage obviously) and the film makes some statements about these issues, but they are never shoved in your face. It shows this family with two mums, just as any family would be shown on the screen - it has its ups and its downs.

Every character learns a lesson, big or small. Moore's empassioned speech at the end tops off a fantastic performance that should have earned her an oscar nomination. Bening was also superb and believable as a lover that has been betrayed, as a bread winner, as a mother and a wife in this family.

There are some points in the story where it is more comedy than sensical story, but that is more than okay as the comedy definitely more than makes up for it.

In the end, many seem to have a problem with Ruffalo's character (another fantastic performance) seemingly disappearing - but this film is the story of this family, and once he is out of the life of the family - he is out of the film. While the audience would like to have all the answers, it would not add anything to the film at all.

7/10 - 4 Stars