The Last Airbender 3D

The Last Airbender 3D


M. Night Shyamalan's (The Sixth Sense, The Village) adaptation of the hit cartoon show Avatar: The Last Airbender (see more on the show here). The story follows the adventures of Aang, a ten-year-old successor to a long line of Avatars who must put his childhood ways aside and fight the Fire Nation from enslaving the Water, Earth and Air nations!... More

Includes Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel as the villainous Zuko and our own Cliff Curtis as Firelord Ozai.Hide

Flicks Review

M. Night Shyamalan is back and this time he doesn’t have a big twist to cap off the movie. This is not the world I grew up in. Instead he’s adapting the children’s animated TV series Avatar (no, not that one). The kids will like it – I saw some recreating the big fight scenes after the screening – but there’s not much to enthuse the adults who take them along.... More

The story itself is a fairly generic fantasy outing and is played without much subtlety or depth. There’s a voiceover that narrates the onscreen action most of the time and some blunt dialogue delivered by wooden actors. Kids will enjoy the supernatural battles but older viewers will pick out the flaws pretty easily. For example, why do the water tribe have so much difficulty defeating their fire opponents when the battle takes place on the ocean?

Ah well, the special effects during these scenes are impressive enough and go some way to making up for the uninspiring production design – bog standard, Oriental influenced. Even if further adaptations of the series are made, this already feels like a poor man’s Lord of the Rings.

NB: Surprisingly, the 3D isn’t really explored and seems tacked on.Hide

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well all i gotta say is that the trailer is really good and ill watch anything in 3d i like it that way "thanks sad bender" for your post your really sh#t yourself you know

i want to watch this movie i heard it is good where are times ..!

Saw the 2D movie version and was expecting a lot more than what the movie delivered. The best scenes involved Zuka's uncle fire bending, and the last scene when the Avatar bends the ocean. I'm a fan of the cartoon and in all honesty would watch the cartoon twice, rather than the movie... Oh one bonus is that Cliff Curtis is in the movie - rock on!!

wow just coz it has 3d on it its goin to b so good....not every movie is ment for 3D and this is one of them,they added it in aftr they had finishd making it so dose not work at all,its all dark and and looks bad and this movie is dark enuff as it is,if you want to waste your money to c this movie don't spend the extra $3 to c it in 3D truste me not worth it!

The Press Reviews

  • The problem -- the catastrophe -- of The Last Airbender is not in the conception but the execution. The long-winded explanations and clumsy performances are made worse by graceless effects and a last-minute 3-D conversion that wrecks whatever visual grace or beauty might have been there. Full Review

  • Half a star for James Newton Howard’s imperious score and another for Andrew Lesnie’s lensing. But even that’s marred by muddy 3D in a film lacking any sort of dimension. Full Review

  • This is all enormously disappointing, of course, since the best we could hope for from a live-action "Avatar" adaptation is the mind-blowing equivalent of our first encounters with wire-fu, rather than this cartoony nonsense. Full Review