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BY cinemusefilm superstar

Watching this genre-factory produced sci-fi left me feeling that its faults outweighed its virtues by a solid margin and it was not worth reviewing. Now that it has been controversially nominated for a Golden Globe in the comedy category it is clear to me why it is a profoundly compromised addition to the sci-fi genre. It wants to be a credible tale of mankind’s scientific and dangerous exploration of outer space, with all the usual tropes of shiny buttons, computer screens, weightlessness... More and the vast black void that holds the secret to the origin of life…and be funny too. Excuse me? Ridley Scott, director of the iconic Blade Runner (1982) should have known better.

It’s a well-worn plotline: a tirelessly glib astronaut Mark Watney is abandoned and presumed dead after a space-storm hits Mars. Behaving as if he simply missed his taxi, he starts home renovations and adds a vegetable farm fertilised by little packets of poo left behind by his departed friends: after all, it could be four years before NASA can send a rescue cab. The orange-tinged Mars landscapes look so earth-like that is sure to dim enthusiasm for future space tourism. At least we know that outer space is deep, but the film’s dialogue is unbelievably shallow. This does not need to be so, as proven by the much-praised Gravity (2013). Mark’s heartfelt message to mom and dad “dying is big and beautiful in space” just does not cut through, and when the Mars crew that left him behind decide to extend the mission for another 533 days in order to collect him, they do so with as much deliberation as they would in choosing pizza topping. Science fiction or comedy, this is neither.Hide

BY Colttany superstar

Gosh I've never been a fan of Matt Damon but this Role has changed my view on that!! Thanks Ridley Scott!!! One of best Ive seen in a Long time!! Very moving Movie. Have a copy on Blu- ray now and our family Love this Movie!!

BY Gaspardation superstar

I almost forget it's a sci-fi film!

Great movie. all cast are appropriate for the roles.

BY flapper123 superstar

I really enjoyed this movie immensely. With a great cast and a well prepared script and storyline it really got my thinking cap going, A space age McGyver is how I would put it. Oh it was great to see Sean Bean in there as well.

BY JuliaLee lister

Very well done. It will especially appeal to those with a soft spot for space and science. But most movie goers should enjoy this tale of adventure and survival. Matt Damon is great! this film is so interesting and well thought out. You feel like you are experiencing it all, along side him. Thrilling! and by the end you have all fingers crossed hoping he will make it home safely.

BY togle grader

I thought heaps of bits were really unrealistic - definitely some funny bits, think I just don't like Matt Damon.

I wish you could half stars on this thing, as I would give this movie a 3.5. Anyways, I did enjoy this movie, but I didn't love it, not like I loved Gravity.
That doesn't go to say though that the acting wasn't amazing, the science wasn't well thought out and the graphics and CGI weren't all very well done, because they were!

I think what was missing for me was that complete sense of loneliness and that eerie feeling that I feel being alone on a massive planet, with barely any communication... More with anyone, and no life besides him and his crops, honestly, that part could have been done better. Think about it, how damn scary would that be, knowing that you won't see anyone or talk to anyone in many many years. I know I would feel pretty scared.

It was a great movie though, and I assume it will be up for some awards. I recommend seeing it at the movies so you can get that atmosphere from watching it on the big screen, and when a movie with space is involved I always recommend seeing it at the movies as it creates that whole sense of a large space, a very large space.

Most viewers will love it! Matt Damon was amazing as per usual and it's worth a watch.Hide

Ridley Scott is back. Finally, and at long last. Following the dire, bum-numbing banality of the likes of ‘The Councilor’ and ‘Exodus: Plods and Stinks’, and the great looking, gloriously crafted, but ever so daftly plotted, ‘Prometheus’, Scott hits a long-awaited home run with ‘The Martian’.

The script, by Drew Goddard, is the star. It takes Andy Weir’s bloomin’ excellent book, and creates that very best of cinematic pleasures – a bold tale, visually told. Easily on a... More par with the non-patronising, nail-biting, teamwork ethic, science-for-dummies exposition of ‘Apollo 13’, the stranded, guy-alone tension of ‘Castaway’, and the 3D sci-fi special effects dazzle of ‘Gravity’ and Scott’s own ‘Prometheus’, ‘The Martian’ is a solid, science-fiction as science-fact fan dream.

Including the likes of Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Kristen Wiig, Sean Bean, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Pena and Benedict Wong, the supporting cast are great, but this is Matt Damon’s show and he steals it with wit and wisdom to spare. As Mark Watney, the astronaut stranded on Mars, Damon is always watchable, often funny and decidedly human. And there’s the key to both the book, screen adaptation and performances – a palpably real, beating, human heart at the core, which transforms this from a feel-good sci-fi flick, into a must-see tale of the triumph of humanity, ingenuity, scientific know-how and good old fashioned sense-of-humour, over those less convincing Hollywood staples of “faith”, “hope” and “love” – which may “conquer all”, but are less likely to keep you alive on Mars than a tin-opener and a Swiss army-kinfe.

Entertaining for heart and brain, ‘The Martian’ needs to be seen on the big screen, pulling off that rarest of cinematic feats – remaining true to a great source novel, whilst excelling as a standalone movie in its own right.

Welcome home Mr ScottHide

BY thorinoak superstar

Absolutely superb - Scott is back on form with a riveting story with great emotional depth brought brilliantly to the screen by a tour de force performance from Damon brilliantly supported by the great cast. One of this years best.

It's castaway with Matt Damon. It's Apollo 13 with... Matt Damon. Let's make a movie with Matt Damon. Someone tell Tom Hanks he's not required for this movie. Besides that it's an excellent watch.

BY Bolero48 grader

I really enjoyed this movie. Funny, dramatic, great cinematography. Without a doubt the closest I'll ever get to standing on the red planet.

BY SamSam90 nobody

I have found the movie really cool! It's not a fairy about alien planet or pseudo-heroes, but it's really good film about humanity and commitment. Besides, it's great work, because real NASA scientist helped to create it and avoid some boo-boos and prevent creating a la sci-tale like Dr Watts Up on CasinoMicrogaming.ORG. Yeah, it's really worthy release.

BY oohlala wannabe

It was really enjoyable, even funny at times. Would love to go see it again in 3D. How funny that they found water on Mars just after this film was released!

BY Ben-Choo grader

Ridley Scott delivers with The Martian, a thrilling and heart-warming tale about human race. Mark Watney is an astronaut left behind on Mars and his sheer determination to solve every problem thrown at him is a delight to watch.

BY Mel superstar

Beautifully, but intelligently, designed - making Mars look both barren and full of incredible detail at the same time. Also liked the way it wasn't cynical or "gritty" - it's unabashed love for science was almost gleeful, without being cheesy. The cast was noticeably international and somewhat "gender neutral", but not in a showy way - I never felt like I was watching a "token female" and the German astronaut, at first only identified by his German flag-patched spacesuit, was not explained -... More but never needed to be.

Obviously, the film is deliberately being marketed as "the Matt Damon show" - but it was a pleasant surprise to have such richness of character in the supporting cast, where perhaps a similar film might be overshadowed by the likes of say,Tom Cruise or Christian Bale and the like.

Overall, a highly entertaining, intelligent and engaging film - with a healthy dose of fun. Highly recommendHide

BY Filmie grader

The trailer for this made me think that Ridley Scott rang up Matt Damon and asked did he still have his astronaut suit from Interstellar.

A most disappointing experience. The tone of the thing, between the drama and the comedy and the music just didn't work at all. Considering the top level cast involved, including Jessica Chastain, another actor from Interstellar. This was average at best. Not Ridley Scott’s best work. But he does turn 78 this year…

I'm sick of "astronaut" movies.... More Gravity was good, and Interstellar was okay. I prefer sci fi fantasy. Bring on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Star Wars The Force Awakens.Hide

BY MissP superstar

Okay, good film. Go and enjoy it. Don't be like the guy behind me complaining that "it's not realistic", sorry dude, didn't know you went to Mars.

BY rweeks superstar

The Martian is an enjoyable movie with an amazing cast. Had I not read the book I probably would have given it four stars instead of three. While I know they had to condense and edit a lot of material from the book (and I think they did a good job of this), Watney's sols on Mars and NASA's rescue attempts just seemed altogether too easy. Overall though, a smart and entertaining blockbuster and Scott's best movie in a while.

BY alexc lister

I loved this movie and I was surprised that I did. It was funny, dramatic and had action and the science was even correct. I guess thats what you get when NASA helps out on your space movie huh.

BY Robb-Morison superstar

This film delivered on so many levels, great cast, brilliant special effects and backed up by a really good story. Possibly the best film I've seen this year.

BY RealityCheck superstar

The Martian
I had managed to listen to some of the audio book before the film & glad I did. This film seems like it might resinate with a few sic-fi viewers but the book will reach so many more. About 90% narrated by Mark Watney, both epic & funny. I felt like this film was all the best bits of ‘Apollo 13’, ‘Gravity’, 'Castaway', ‘All Hope is Lost’, ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘MacGyver’ (TV show). Enjoyable to watch and almost believable (both acting and plot). Great seamless... More special effects.
Genre : Sci-fi, drama, adventure
4/5 : Enjoyable but just didn’t quite push me to full strengthHide

BY KimLewis lister

Visually stunning, strong plot, likeable characters - a space movie done very well. The plot is thick without being suffocating, both Damon and the supporting actors; Wiig, Chastain, Bean give solid and believable performances. All around great film, very enjoyable.