The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Clint Eastwood directs and stars as the hard-hitting, fast-drawing loner Josey Wales. After avenging his family's brutal murder, Wales is run, pursued by a pack of killers.

He travels alone, but a ragtag group of outcasts (including Sondra Locke and Chief Dan George) is drawn to him - and Wales can't leave his motley surrogate family unprotected.

1976Rating: M, contains violence131 minsUSA
Clint Eastwood ('Gran Torino', 'Million Dollar Baby', 'Unforgiven', 'Mystic River')
Clint EastwoodJohn VernonSondra LockeBill McKinneyChief Dan GeorgeGeraldine KeamsPaula Trueman
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