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BY Red superstar

Classic Duplass Brothers-esque indie... sad, funny and charming. Great performances from a cast of comic actors.

BY Colttany superstar

Hubby and I watched this movie. He said - it was ok! I said - It was good. Loved the whole story line. It had a lot of meaning. This is a Drama. But seriously some funny scenes thrown into this picture. A Sunday afternoon must see movie.

BY Gaspardation superstar

It's not a comedy, at least not as humorous as Wiig's famous Bridesmaids. The brother and sister entanglement is a bit pointless and unsolvable. Most importantly, in the end we find nothing has changed.

BY ememmama superstar

Quirky and comical but at the same time a little dark.. little bit of everything!

Surprisingly funny given the heavy subject. The casting is spot on - Bill Hader is especially good.

Great writing and executed so well! I loved that it wasn't over-written or over-acted. Heavy stuff but done in a classy subtle way. Had me tearing up like 4 times but then also pissing myself laughing too! Awesomeness.

I'm a 69 Yo grumpy old bugger...and got dragged along on the promise of an ice cream. I loved every word, action, storyline and character in the movie. The "Stayin Alive" mime/dance ac t was world class and should be shown whever people gather who need to smile and laugh.
Thanks for proving to me that I could love gay, young people and want more.

Great to see comedy heavyweights Hader and Wiig tackle some dramatic material and they pull it off very, very nicely indeed. Perhaps it is the presence of two such familiar, comedic talents but the very grim material is presented with humour without detracting from what is a pretty dark story. The casting could hardly be better with great support from Ty Burrell (Modern Family / Dawn of the Dead) and Luke Wilson (Old School). Excellently written, performed and acted and even the distraction... More of a restless, texting imbecile next to me couldn't take anything away from this little gem.Hide


BY BDub nobody

Well acted and thoughtful narrative on 2 siblings dealing with their problematic childhood