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i love the tattooist, this has inspired me futher to become a tattoo artist and have decided to get a tattoo done using the tools within the film, in Samoan as inspired by Ami james. i think the film is great although im not religous or cultural i do believe the film has realy made me understand the culture behind it and other cultural beliefs behind the different types of

It is the funniest all time film I have ever seen from NZ - supposed to be a horror, but me and the family pissed ourselves laughing. It's funnier than Eagle vs Shark or Sione's Wedding - that's why it's a must see, it's actually great because it's hard to tell if it's a send up or not.

It uses every cliche in the book and tries so hard that it's becomes comical and hilarious. And yes, the American lead is really bad, but that adds to the enetrtainment. Truly one of the most entertaining... More films ever.Hide

well, i watched the movie with my freind lexxii & we thought it was okay eh lol hahahhahahaa
im in ict with her right now, infact, we both thought it reminded us about twinklesd hahahahahhaah LMAOAOAOOAOAOA

what was that song when jake was giving victoria and her cousin there tattoos?


I played the ink ghost monster otherwise known as Lomi/The Tattooist, I am Samoan and I enjoyed working on this film and getting to know my Samoan side of my life, and seeing first hand how things worked not only on the set but the amount of research they did to try and keep it as authentic as possible. Although it was not as scary people wanted it or thought it to be (as I would of liked it to be in parts), I personally enjoyed the culture behind it and just cracking up and Jason saying samoan... More words, but overall I thought they did a good job.Hide


I havent seen it but im very moved by the way this jeanie girls talks its almost as if she is a director / crit ....hmmmm ponder ponder will watch this movie he is a average american ....considered hot lol sad sad sad lives


it was so damn good with hot actors and actress!!!.... it was a really interesting story with several cultures like the SAMOAN one!!! ur the besssssssst!

For all the reviews i have heard and seen so far about the tattooist, i would have to dissagree with. This movie may be classed as a horror,spook or whatever you would like to call it, but not focussing on its classification, think about the history, the cultural backgrounds and its, somehow, inspiring story.
After walking out of the New Plymouth cinima, almost everyone was talking about getting a tattoo or about the ones they already have, usually when i walk out of the cinima i hear almost... More nothing from the other viewers, but, when i came out from that movie i could hardly hear myself, hardly a bad word was spoken about it.
And not only is Jason Behr soft on the eyes, it is good seeing him rise up and do a film such as this, coming from his background of aliens and U.F.Os. Also it is good to see New Zealand, little New Zealand, rising up, from being such a small unknown country, to what we are now. So instead of making bad or doubtful comments about one of the handful of movies thatcome out of this country, why not be thankful, greatful and honered that such film came from here. Sure it may be no Lord of the Rings or King Kong, but what meaning or New Zealand tast did those movies have. And i am not downing or taking a stab at these critics it is there job, but there is much more to a film than its classification.Hide

one more thing.
If you have been thinking about seeing this film, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
From my point of view...... this film captured me in its rich tast of New Zealand and Samoan culture and its strange but interesting story, a movie does not have to be scary to be good, nor does it have to meet others expectations. The director liked it and so do I.
Movies do not have to captivate everyone, so may like it some may not. But there is something in this story that captivated me... More and kept me from leaving for the bathroom.
All round, this movie is perfect for those who love a good interesting story, with spot on acting and girls if you dont like the movie, it was worth going for the spunky tattooistHide

This is an amazing film I love it love it love it

I don't think you can really rate this film at all, I suppose the performances by the kiwi actors was the only good thing about it. It was a very demoralising and superficial interpretation of what the supernatural world of the Samoan really is, you can't interpret this visually nor can you write about it unless you tackle it direct. Anyway don't waste your money I say

I agree with the last guy, not scary at all - the filmakers wasted a really interesting premise with a wooden american actor and a lame ass execution. I know the director had an eye on the overseas market, but it will never make enough money here, to get an overseas release.

A cliche heavy screenplay - makes for a really boring ride. So don't get on it. Save your money for something else.

Not frightening and a screenplay straight out of screenwriting 101. This is what happens when you pander to overseas markets by using an American as your lead actor. Without the American character it might have made sense and the actor playing the lead was so dull it made it unbearable. Some really clumsy plot points and some potentially great moments (like the possession of the kid) were wasted. Could have used Samoan culture to frighten the bejesus out of us but instead it just made me yawn.

Rather enjoyed this, especially the acting by Mia (subtle I thought) and Jason, (looked like the new boy on the block, geting to know what he could make of it all)not to mention John Bach's superb cameo and cowering, messy ending. Also Michael Hurst as the Bedlam (great name for atattoo parlour) owner was so unlike his real persona - a pleasure to watch and listen to him.Great shhoting in terms of use of light and dark by Leon Narbey, brillliant scene setting and atmosphere - you could see the... More action effectively. Found myself chuckling with delight as the tattoos took over, nicely done. Also a little predicatble in the tasteless characters being the ones who inevitably died. Good death scenes - somewhat hokey scene in the hospital corridor with the Samoan actor/doctor being appealed to on grounds of ethnicity!!! Could not go with that. But, hey, it was a clueless if somewhat charming Jason asking him so I guess it will go down well overseas. It's definitely a portable film. Liked it better than Sione's Wedding - but I prefer horror flicks to scmalzy ones.Hide

It is quite a standard horror, but elevated (for local audiences) just by the fact is has a NZ angle. Left with the feeling that it could have been so much better.

Which is bad news for a horror.

Faa dis movie was so0 great man!!Congratulations!!yo0uuh all did a great job!!i loved it!!:D