The Wolverine 3D

Review: The Wolverine 3D

29 Jul 13

Wolf in Huge's Clothing

Another installment of the Adamantium coated animal Logan. Unlike the unusal 'X-Men' or 'Wolverine, Origins' we see our main-man in a different situation. I felt a little let down by this fantasy film, perhaps because I was just expecting too much from Marvel; or it's time to follow another graphic novel character? Reminded me in parts of 'Ironman3' and I enjoyed the fight scenes (as you can expect, involving Hugh J). Without giving away any spoilers, I found some of injury/action to Wolverine difficult to swallow, yet enjoyed it of cos, MARVEL
Genre : action, adventure, fight, fantasy
3/5 : Felt lacking substance & while watching I was left questioning too often **Stay during the credits for a little 'X-Men' prelude!