Thor: The Dark World 3D

Thor: The Dark World 3D


Marvel’s Thor returns in this post-Avengers battle to save Earth and all the nine Realms from a shadowy enemy that pre-dates the universe itself. Chris Hemsworth returns to the hammer, alongside Tom Hiddleston's Loki, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba under new director Alan Taylor (TV's Game of Thrones).

In the aftermath of Thor (2011) and The Avengers (2012), Thor fights to restore order across the cosmos. But an ancient race led by the vengeful Malekith (Christopher Eccleston) returns to plunge the universe back into darkness. Faced with an enemy that even Odin (Hopkins) and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor's task will reunite him with Jane Foster (Portman) and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

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With Iron Man 3 having demonstrated that a post-Avengers movie focusing on “only” one superhero can still be a heck of a lot of fun, it now falls upon Thor: The Dark World to reinforce that point. While this blockbuster never quite reaches the giddy heights of the unexpectedly awesome Iron Man 3, it's still a perfectly enjoyable exercise in superheroics, and much more fun to watch than Man of Steel.... More

Advance word promised more of Asgard this time around and, even more so than the first film, Thor: The Dark World qualifies as a space-bound adventure. There are awesome space ships, aliens (of sorts) and a number of different worlds.

The relationship between Thor and Natalie Portman's Jane is re-engaged after having been ignored for The Avengers and it once again provides the emotional thrust of the movie.

The film suffers for the familiarity of its Macguffin - it is yet ANOTHER infinitely powerful weapon that could destroy the universe. But the guy who wants to wield it - a “dark elf” played by Christopher Eccleston - feels relatively original.

Tom Hiddleston's Loki is often described as a “fan favourite”, but I, for one, am getting tired of his smirky shenanigans. Plus the film fails to come up with anything interesting for Thor's band of merry men to do - they were one of the best parts of the first film.

Director Alan Taylor - a Games of Thrones veteran - doesn't display Thor helmer Kenneth Branagh's talent for creatively-staged action or tilty camera-work, but he steps up to the task of lending everything the requisite gravitas.

I felt a little action starved in the first half, but Thor: The Dark World perks up considerably in the final third. It may lack the surprise of the first film, but Marvel Studios is still making the best superhero movies around.Hide

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BY GrahamP superstar

A total fantasy of breathtaking size and scale.The scenes and colours work well to create a range of different worlds.It is darker and more creative than the first one.
Marvel/Disney once again created a top rated viewing experience.The story could be a bit light for some.

BY RealityCheck superstar

Thor : The Dark World
Chris Helmsworth yet again crosses realms to see his grilfriend, I mean to fight the forces of evil. I enjoyed the playful onelinners sprinkled in between the action and plot. Much like a true graphic novel, this played heavily on the extra ordinary lives of Thor & those around him. I was reminded a lot of 'Fantastic 4' and 'Ironman' which seems normal.
Genre : Action, fantasy, love story, adventure
3/5 : I felt it could've had more push, less comedy and still a great... More watch, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Almost as much as 'Ironman3'Hide

BY JackWallace superstar

The second post-Avengers Marvel movie. It's not the awesome movie Iron Man 3 was, but Thor: The Dark World is solid superhero entertainment. Thor was a fun and enjoyable comic book adaptation. There's more action and special effects than the first movie. Chris Hemsworth is extremely likeable as Thor. Tom Hiddleston is also great as Loki. After The Avengers and Iron Man 3, my expectations in Marvel Studios are very high. I just think that Thor: The Dark World could have been much better. The... More whole bad guy going after the secret weapon that can destroy the world plot isn't exactly original. There's no real emotion attachment to any of the characters. Not that many people will care. All audiences really want to see is Thor kicking some a**. They'll get what they paid for which is perfectly fine. Thor: The Dark World is an entertaining summer blockbuster, I was just expecting more from you Marvel Studios. By the way, stay for the credits. Not that I really need to tell you that.Hide

BY Jordan superstar

When you’re part of the Marvel stable of films, I wonder how much anxiety there is with the release of a film that falls under its label.
Each film by itself has proven successful, and with a unified universe, it has an element to it, which will draw audience members in for a healthy box office performance.

I’m not saying a film, which falls under Marvel, has the right to be terrible, but if you’re a character who was in the “Avengers” film, couldn’t you almost have a bit of fun... More with it?

Because that’s what appears to happen in “Thor: The Dark World”.

“Thor: The Dark World” picks up around 2 years after the events of “Thor”, and following continuity from the aforementioned “Avengers” film and “Iron Man 3”, it looks to be around a year after these films.
With references popping up every scene to their movie universe, Marvel continues to weave their stories well, which only makes the film even more enjoyable to watch.
You wouldn’t think the tale of a fabled Norse God and his love for a mortal, with war being waged on a universal level would be funny, but this film is, and it’s all the better for it.
You’ll find yourself laughing in moments of tension, with the production team almost making sure the audience doesn’t experience too much duress or sorrow as events unfold.

Alan Taylor picks up directing duties from Kenneth Branagh; Taylor being famous for directing on the television series “Game Of Thrones”.
And this shows.
Bringing a grittier feel to the world of Thor, it really showcases the Viking mythology that is always slightly referred to, which reminds the audience we are not really dealing with Gods, but with a race far more advanced than ourselves.

The majority of the cast from the first film returns, with the only change coming from supporting character “Fandral”, with Zachary Levi replacing Joshua Dallas due to the latter’s commitment to the television series “Once Upon A Time”.

FUN FACT! Zachary Levi was almost signed for the first “Thor” as Fandral, but couldn’t take part due to his commitment to the television series “Chuck”, which left these duties to Joshua Dallas. Talk about full circle!

“Thor: The Dark World” helps continue the strong start to Phase 2 of Marvel’s movie universe plans, which leads to the release of the “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” in 2015.

You should make like lightning and head to the cinema to watch a great popcorn flick, which, including the “Stinger” endings, clocks in at under 2 hours.

It’s really a great, fun film in one easy to carry Mjölnir.Hide

Didn't expect much and wasn't let down. Did have a giggle a only 2 points when Captain America was on screen and when Thor hung up the hammer on the coat peg. Tried to do too many genres.

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  • This is a grander, pacier film crammed with sprawling prog-rock landscapes, masked elf armies and giant spaceships over Greenwich. Full Review

  • Marvel's man with the mallet does all that's required of him in a breakneck sequel that's never dark for long. Full Review

  • This robust, impersonal visual-effects showpiece proves buoyant and unpretentious enough to offset its stew of otherwise derivative fantasy/action elements. Full Review

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