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BY Deb superstar

I'm just gonna say about the females in this movie. The playwright gets it so right with Mildred that he forgot that a town can actually have more than one well rounded female character. There was the intriguing wife of the cop - she was far to interesting to be set dressing. What was that Australian doing so far from home? What was the connection between Mildred and her co-worker? They were friends but we didn't know why. Go on give us a hint. Mostly though there was the dumb 19 year old. A... More woman doesn't ahve to be dumb in every way to fall for an angry man. Women do it every day. All she had to be was young. I think we knew enough of Mildred to disregard her assessment of of the dumb 19 year old. We could ahve made our own and been ok with a different outcome. But no she was the least plausible character in the whole movie. Just played for laughs really. Weak ones.Hide

BY filmlover superstar

A strong storyline and complex characters carry this western style movie to a rather unsettling climax. Sam Rockwell and Frances McDormand shine while Woody Harrelson brings nothing really new to his character but does a solid job. I didn't love it as much as I expected from the reviews although Rockwell may have done his best work ever in this so there may be an Oscar for him. Overall a solid piece of film making but I would prefer to have left with an answer to the question which is the... More premise of the story.Hide

BY Newt superstar

Of the three acting pillars in this light-hearted-yet-very-much-heavy drama, Frances McDormand delivers a really solid take on a strong-willed but hurting mother of a murdered daughter. It is the classic character arc of a protagonist out for vengeance, learning to forgive yet we are left wondering what will happen when the credits start rolling - a balanced way of tying the story up. Woody Harrelson is funny and clever but it feels like another generic Woody Harrelson role - just Woody... More Harrelson playing himself. Sam Rockwell's Officer Dickson is perhaps the more compelling of the two. Caleb Landry Jones and John Hawkes provide very strong performances. The story conveys the always relevant and universal theme of "life's too short to be angry all the time".Hide

BY Bo23 nobody

It's very funny and features some excellent work from McDormand and Rockwell. The film looks good and wins points for being fairly unique. I just struggled to find a way into this movie emotionally, because of the abrasive characters and the fact that it was so obviously written to within an inch of itself (not allowing room for organic plot developments). Well worth a watch.

BY DashaS nobody

The setup was great, the characters and performances were spectacular but some may be left cold by its ambiguous ending. I highly recommend others to check it out regardless due to the highly entertaining dialogue and how well the characters were fleshed out but for me, it could've had an ending that packed a lot more punch than it did.

BY BecsNZ grader

Fantastic movie, though not for the faint of heart. Deals with some pretty heavy. dark subjects but inserts plenty of laughs & some hope of redemption to balance the darkness. The cast is packed with brilliant character actors. Frances McDormand is excellent as usual, able to make you laugh at her no-nonsense approach in one scene & the next scene break your heart in the face of her grief. This film is real & substantial & thought provoking. Highly recommended.

Really loved this movie. Great characters and thought-provoking storyline. Always enjoy a movie where I can laugh and cry.

BY Beyond nobody

Just as I expected from the man behind In Bruges. Engaging to the last minute, darkly comical with plenty of genuine heart-wrenching emotion. It's exactly what the title suggestions - different and memorable. Highly recommended!

BY joshwa nobody

Incredible performance by Frances McDormand – the blunt raw emotion of a mother whose life has been turned upside down. The power of vengeance through some dark themes with bursts of humour shining through to lighten the mood throughout. Incredible cast with incredibly endearing characters. A++