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I moved to New Zealand in 2007, and saw the Topp Twins at a festival about a month later. I'd never heard of them before then, and thought they sounded like something I'd hate, but we saw them by accident and I loved them!

My husband and I went to see the film on the strength of their live performance, and we weren't disappointed. It was nothing like their live show, but more of a history of their lives. We learned a lot about them and about New Zealand's recent history, and were thoroughly... More entertained along the way. We laughed, we felt sad, and we were unfailing impressed. Despite not "getting" any of the references to characters that the twins have played in the past, because I never saw those characters before, I recommend this film to anybody, not just to people from New Zealand.Hide

I'm looking for objective movie reviews, and found these that rave about NZ national pride without giving any information on what the movie's about, so I'm wondering if it will be as good for an Australian audience? Guess I'll have to look elsewhere for an objective review and to decide if I want to see the movie.

Charming loving story about their lives.
Musically moving,Daring,Fun,and Honest.
The Topp Twins are cool chickys!!


What's right? It's interesting, informative, funny, entertaining, charming, it's set in New Zealand, and we get to listen to the Topp Twins' songs
What's wrong? Not a thing!

Historical, relevant, life-affirming, gorgeousness, all with humour - loved it.

BY John2 superstar

You laff, you cry, you're entertained, and educated, and if you're almost teh same age as the Topps like me, you go "they made a movie about my lifetime"!

Have just been with the staff to watch your movie. I laughed, and cried, and when it finished wanted to stay and watch it all over again. Thank you for a couple of hours of total enjoyment. Good Luck, Good Health, and God bless you both.
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an absolutely wonderful encapsulation of al that is so enviable about nz culture

Absolutely watchable and so much better than you might expect from the trailer. Skillfully structured and edited and without a dull moment. Insightful and iconic - AND the harmonious duo are worth it alone! As one of the persons interviewed in the film stated "like one voice in stereo".
If you really want to see a proper "good feel" movie see it! - and at your local cinema

While the film was enjoyable there wasn't enough footage of their stage acts and there was too much said about them being lesbians, which was very boring, particularly Helen Clark's segment. I don't care whether they are lesbians or not and I don't want the fact that they are lesbians rammed down my throat. It would have been a much better movie by emphasizing their talent rather than their boring sexuality.

I want it now!! These are my favorite girls. I'd go all the way to Michigan to see them! I want to see the movie too. When is it coming here?

just like the Topp Twins getting around New Zealand in a caravan. This is very clear storytelling that makes me want to see it again for bits I missed. The film had laugh out loud moments that touch/change you like nothing else. Lynda and Jools are who they are and nothing can be taken from them for that. Don't miss this essential part of our country

Get your gear on and go to this movie. There is a peice of every Kiwi going on here. It ticked all the boxes but hued with national pride. These girls stand for something, in the most natural way. You will laugh out loud. This was a pearler.

Fantastic movie...not long enough for me..hilarity through the inspiration to all kiwis dedicated to being who they truly are

Icons...Stars.....Legends.....The Topp Twins are the best...most terrific....most fabulous...most joyous....most talented...most special....most fantastic....and simply the BEST entertainers for the entire population we have ever had in New Zealand. There have never been or ever will be again two gals who have rocked,moved and made us laugh the way these two have. A pure joy to watch whatever they do....LOVE THEM.....forever!....SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!NOW!!!!!!