Trouble The Water

Trouble The Water

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Racking up rave reviews and festival awards all over the place, plus an Oscar nomination for Best Feature Documentary, this takes you inside the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina when it ripped through New Orleans in 2005. It focuses on up and coming rapper Kimberly Rivers Roberts and her husband, who were trapped in their attic by the floodwaters but survived to begin a new life. First hand, the horrors of the disaster are revealed and the resentment and disbelief at the slack action of George W. Bush’s government comes into focus. More

Filmmakers Tia Lessin and Carl Deal were producers on Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. Lessin also worked on Bowling For Columbine.

200890 minsUSA
Carl Deal (Fahrenheit 9/11)Tia Lessin

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Award Winner
Grand Jury Prize (Documentary) at Sundance Film Festival 2008.

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