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BY PercyM superstar

Extremely well thought, written, directed and performed; it expands beyond traditional horror scopes with its not-so-subtle-after-you-think-about-it allegories and commentaries, leaving your mind creeped out long after you get out.

BY PeterS superstar

Having been totally blown away by 'Get Out', I had very high expectations for this new movie by Jordan Peel. It certainly is a good movie, and I'm glad I saw it. But it isn't as intelligently done as 'Get Out' (or maybe it is more intelligently done and I didn't get it). Anyway, I if you liked 'Get Out' this is definitely a must-see.

BY aleanaf lister

'Us' is a thrilling, funny, and captivating film.
The storyline is well-paced and gets more intense and weirder as the film goes on.
The characters are engaging and feel more like real people rather than your stereotypical horror characters.

Lupita Nyong'O's shines with her performance as 'Adelaide' and her tethered version 'Red'.
Winston Duke's 'Abraham' is a great character who adds comedic relief and brings laughter in the middle of suspenseful moments in the film, yet works... More perfectly.

Love the concept of the film and puts into the perspective of how we view and present ourselves and the anxieties we face in society.
The ending could've been a bit more ambiguous with the approach on certain story tellings, which could have left more room for discussion. However, it does make you want to watch the film all over again with a different mind set.

Recommend watching this if you're a fan on thriller/horror films with deep metaphors, original concepts, great actors, and does not rely on heavy jump scares.Hide