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BY munchkin superstar

THompson who plays Dave Rafter in packed to the rafters does a good job of playing a man being witchhunted by the Ird and after many many battles and with the help Of Mp Rodney King wins .A very good kiwi film that everybody can relate to

I watched this good film because I moved to Christchurch in the late 90's and can remember all this happening in the news. But also because I love the guy that portrayed Dave. It showed that those mongrels at the IRD are not trustworthy, are completely incompetent and do their best to destroy hard working, everyday NZ'rs. A true story, well done.

well directed, well written, well acted! a classic new zealand film which tells an important story while entertaining all who see it.

I loved this film. It showed perseverance against an organisation that really are just after peoples money. As a former employee of the IRD, I thought it was about time someone stuck it to them. No one deserves to be treated that way and I'm glad the tax department got what was coming to them. Well done Mr Henderson, and kudos to the cast and crew.

This is an example of what could happen to anyone and it
resonated with common sense and very good acting.The production values are good, too. Full marks to the makers and to the actors.

BY Anne1 superstar

based on the true David henderson story we learn in this film how the buraucracy can and does address it's attentions in ways that are contrary to their role. And there are often the personalities within that the power of their positions leads to the immoral and unethical. thankfully, there comes along preiodically a Dave Henderson that calls them to account.
Whilst some of the acting may have been wanting, this story woould not have suited a Hollywood glossy production.

BY Brian1 superstar

Having now seen the film, my recommendation (based on the flicks trailers) stands. Not your typical production really, perhaps even a bit hammish in parts but then perhaps that reflects the IRD's methods and processes.
Thank God Dave Henderson did stand up. His costs are the restof us's gain.

This movie was great in that it makes anyone watching feel better about their dealings with IRD, and hopeful IRD have upped their game a bit now.

The characters were very clearly either good or bad, and almost comical in that exaggeration. The movie was obviously a New Zealand film with the actors and acting, and it was interesting to see how much things have changed over the past 10-15 years.

It was very watchable with little swearing and no violence. Time went fast, and no-one was... More bored.

The opening credits looked great, with various IRD forms containing the details.

Overall, good entertainment, an enjoyable experience that we can and have recommended to all sorts. We can't imagine anyone not enjoying this.Hide

Great story told well. Inspiring!

We're Here To Help is in many ways quite an average film... the Flicks comment that its like Shortland Street is quite accurate, has that very underwhelming feel to it (but the Flicks comment that the IRD title sequence is 'clever'??? - are you kidding???).

But... it holds up because its a NZ story, and a true one. The story is interesting enough, and the performances good enough. I'd still recommend it.

BY Brian1 superstar

this is a movie every NZ businessperson, wannabe businessperson, maybe someday selfemployed should be sure NOT to miss.