World War Z 3D

World War Z 3D


Brad Pitt stars in this blockbuster horror as a U.N. employee called upon to establish the origins of a zombie pandemic. As he travels from the U.S. to Israel, Korea and Wales in search of answers, cities and nations fall under the onslaught of undead, leaving mankind's slim hope of survival resting on his shoulders. Based on the best-selling novel, from the director of Quantum of Solace.... More

Gerry (Pitt) has retired, but his skills as a U.N. investigator are the only reason he and his family are plucked from the zombie chaos in Philadelphia. Lane is pressed back into service and asked to travel the globe looking for the origins of the zombie outbreak. As he travels he finds himself in one life-threatening situation after another - from a Jerusalem laid siege to a Korean air force base gone suspiciously silent, and even a mid-air zombie encounter. To save his family and humanity, Lane will have to survive increasingly vicious events as well as solving what seems to be an unexplainable unnatural phenomenon.Hide

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Amongst all the chatter that the zombie concept is played out, consider that the closest these horror staples have come to a blockbuster depiction is the Resident Evil series – something that leaves ample scope for improvement. As the title suggests, World War Z follows the cascading plague of undead around the globe via a series of clashes, stalemates and counter-attacks, and from its broadest, most removed perspective the film offers an enticing blend of action, disaster, pandemic and horror.... More

Most blockbusters’ strengths lie in their set pieces rather than the often-fragile narrative that connects them together, and this is true here, the challenge in fashioning a wholly viable experience from World War Z made all the more difficult by the fragmented first person accounts that form its source material. Unfortunately, the solution isn’t to insert Brad Pitt into all of these scenarios, the result being an increasingly implausible one man journey around the planet as he gets into, and out of, all manner of zombie scrapes in search of the outbreak’s origins.

Those scrapes are pretty damn fun to watch though - particularly the escalating chaos of the fall of Philadelphia and a tense Pitt-stop in Korea - and for a gore-free film, there are plenty of scares to accompany the film’s unique massively-depicted scale. Sadly, World War Z can’t quite overcome its narrative challenges, well-documented production dramas or the distracting unreality of its undead (through at times average CGI). A rushed ending and unnecessary family subplot don’t help either, making for a mixed bag that isn’t the disaster some predicted, but is unlikely to kickstart a hoped-for franchise.Hide

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BY Panapple wannabe

Firstly, I wouldn't bother seeing in 3D as you probably won't notice, I think this is a conversion,and because its an action movie, you won't have time to see any parallax of 3D.
While the movie is perhaps a tad too long, it's an exhilarating ride, and well, we just want to see a zombie film right? What strikes me is the rating in NZ. There is very little liquid gore or blood shown- so the light stomach'd can just worry about getting a scare- and scare they will! These are sprinting zombies- so... More very scary. There are some interesting studies into rat swarms for the massive simulations of zombies- incredible Vfx technology! A lot of wide shots on various locations make this film quite spectacular visually. Haven't read the book, so for full blown fans I'm not sure how much it sticks to the books plot. Totally worth a watch for the zombie swarms.Hide

I saw World War Z with expectations of a great zombie flick, offering something new to the genre that hadn't yet been done to death (pardon the pun). While watching, I remained optimistic, considering that the high fear factor kept me at the edge of my seat. After the movie, as it all started to fade from memory, I tried to think of a scene that would sum it up as a film worth seeing, but even days later, I couldn't think of anything outstanding. Nothing that made me feel that it topped what... More I had seen before in numerous zombie flicks and TV shows.

In hindsight, it actually reminded me more of a viral outbreak movie, like Contagion, and not so much like a zombie flick after all. To be honest, I was beginning to feel a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it was a three star movie, but it wasn't what I was lead to believe it was.

When I first saw the trailers, I imagined, by the way the zombies all ran in unison with little regard to their own safety, that there was a single malicious force controlling them, causing them to attack as one overpowering unit - a collective, perhaps. Had this been the case, then I may not have been so upset. But as it stands, it was just another run-of-the-mill zombie tale, with no causal explanation, no interesting storyline, and no satisfying outcome.Hide

To say World War Z had its heart eaten (by a zombie?) in its transition from page to screen might just be a little unfair - whilst I was initially disappointed when I heard about the films departure from the text, I soon got over myself when I took a closer look at just how difficult it would have been to translate. Besides - there hasn't been a decent (serious) zombie film since DOTD's remake so I was pumped.

Whilst I felt that it may have been hamstrung by its lack of gore, it over delivered... More in terms of sweat-inducing tension, the scenes within the medical facility were just brilliant - despite not having seen the true 'eat your face' power of the zombies - terror was sufficiently generated by claustrophobic setting.

In retrospect I'm not sure why they bothered with the whole 'family man' thing - I felt more connection to the female soldier than his wife and just felt like they were trying to shoehorn emotion into an otherwise shock-centred genre...but hey - it's nothing you can't get past.
Overall - not bad...nothing on or like the book...but not bad.Hide

Had potential to be amazing, but shunned the books narrative for a more conventional action movie plot...and you know the lead actor is a producer when the film ends on a freeze of him instead of actually ending...holding out for a sequel are we??

BY swp1988 lister

With The Walking Dead continuing to be a strong force on television, the Resident Evil franchise somehow still doing good box office business and an unknown amount of zombie indie features infecting direct-to-dvd shelves all the time (with the odd one making it into ... theaters), its not surprising that studios are looking for the next big hit in the genre. Unfortunately for fans of the excellent book that this film is loosely based on, they are not treated here to the adaptation they deserve... More and I think nearly everyone was expecting something a lot worse to come out of this. That surprisingly isn't the case.

You know the story. An infection spreads. People start to turn and in great blockbuster fashion, they enlarge the scope and make it worldwide. I think the element that worked very well to guide this film onto the right path was not focusing on any unnecessary family moments in the build-up. They simply wake up, start their day and everything unleashes by the five minute mark. From there amongst all the chaos we are fed smarter-than-average character moments that create enough development to keep us intrigued. That's about where our characters end though. There isn't any great sense of loss or fear for any of them to work with, but thankfully direction, scope and big set pieces that opened the film, continues throughout, even when the film drops out during the final moments of an intense third act and fumbles looking for a strong way to finish. Director Marc Forster and leading man Brad Pitt deserve the praise here. Marc Forster handles his frames with surprising energy and intensity and he manages to elevate the film above any problems it holds. When Brad Pitt isn't scouting for Oscars, he manages to pull off leading man performances in lesser films and he does well here.

World War Z is no great film, but it is far more competent, fun and exciting than most of us expected, with just the right amount of smarts. It delivers the blockbuster goods in droves.

3.5 out of 5.Hide

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67% of critics recommend.
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  • This nightmarish travelogue is coy about gore, but it’s still an effective thrill-ride. If the sequel happens, let’s hope it delivers some actual combat. Full Review

  • While some of World War Z is rotten, the whole stands as a punchy, if conventional action thriller. Full Review

  • The result looks less like a horror flick and more like a thinking man’s action-thriller – the ‘Newsnight’ of zombie films (you’ll know if that’s your cup of tea). Full Review

  • Choosing quantity over quality, intensity over tension and big-screen thrills over low-fi shocks – this is probably what the zombie apocalypse will actually look like. Full Review

  • Pitt delivers a capable performance in an immersive apocalyptic spectacle... Waves of startling action counterbalance standard one-man-saves-the-day Hollywood heroics. Full Review

  • Choosing quantity over quality, intensity over tension and big-screen thrills over low-fi shocks – this is probably what the zombie apocalypse will actually look like. Full Review

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