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BY aleanaf lister

Directed by Simon Kinberg, X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the 4th instalment to X-Men's Prequel series. With a solid start from X-Men: First Class, it is disappointing how could not finish as strong as they started.

This film focuses on Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) as she gets possessed by an unknown cosmic force, allowing her to become more powerful and dangerous as she slowly evolves into the Dark Phoenix.
Jean deals with an uncontrollable and dangerous power as well as her own personal demons brought... More from early childhood trauma, causing her to become a ticking time bomb throughout the whole film. Which doesn't sound too different from X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).
Throughout the middle of the film, there's a constant repetition of Jean Grey running away, being found and getting out of control. It begins to get a bit boring and slow. We get that she's dangerous but despite her all mighty power, she doesn't actually do as much damage to society than we thought she would.

With familiar characters such as Professor X and Magneto, something about these characters felt off compared to the previous Prequel films. Professor X (James McCavoy) was a selfish arse the whole time, becoming obsessed with wanting to protect humans in order to protect the reputation of mutants. Magneto (Michael Fassbender) had an odd personal motivation on suddenly wanting to seek revenge despite fighting so hard to leave that life behind. All in all, the performances were great, but the character arcs weren't as emotionally investing as I thought it would be. Just like Raven (Jennifer Lawrence), she felt the need to move on and maybe the actors themselves felt it too.
Characters such as Quicksilver, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Cyclops had their moments, but none of them really shone as much as I would have. Definitely wanted more Quicksilver!!

One major part of the film that left me yawning a bit were the aliens who are remaining survivors of the D'Bari Empire, led by Vul (Jessica Chastain) as they seek for the cosmic power of the Phoenix in order to rebuild their world. Kinda boring and for some odd reason didn't feel that threatened since it was predictable that Jean would resist the influence of the aliens and fight them off at the end.

I did, however, enjoy the 3rd act of the film since it picks ups a bit in pace and had some enjoyable action sequences that showcased the different powers of the mutants and their ability to work together as a team. I found out that they had to reshoot the 3rd act as a result as being similar to another superhero film (most likely Captain Marvel), so maybe that's why it got better towards the end.

To be honest, the movie is getting a lot of bad reviews and I'm not surprised. But I had such low expectations after the mess called 'Apocalypse' that I honestly lost interest with this franchise that when I watched it, I found it somewhat enjoyable.

Not the best way to end a franchise of almost 20 years, but I'm not mad and I'm excited about what they are going to do with these characters in the future.Hide