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I love Zoolander so I was super hyped for the 2nd instalment. Um... NOT! OMG, what were they thinking? The only good thing about it was the game "spot the celeb." The old regurgitated jokes were tiring and at times, testing!
Sometimes there are things that there should only be one of, like a collectable. In this case, open, play and dispose!

BY Ben-Choo grader

Zoolander 2 feels like a collection of scenes put together rather than a story flowing from beginning to end. It has great jokes in some scenes but also has some very odd pacing in others.

Watch it for a great time but don't remember to switch off before entering :)

BY KimLewis lister

This movie is utterly ridiculous but serves to be very funny; the humour is fit to a certain taste, and if you are easily offended or believe yourself above 'stupid humour' then this movie is not for you. While it falls short of being anything truly amazing, it is a nice follow up to the first movie and a solid comedy.

BY rweeks superstar

The original Zoolander is pretty silly and dumb but it managed to work somehow. There were endless quotable lines and some pretty funny gags. This, however, was just a mess, and I only managed to snigger a couple of times. Watch Vogue's 73 questions with Derek instead of this movie - it was way funnier.

BY RealityCheck superstar

Zoolander2 - Craptastically funny, please exit your head & leave your brain at the door. In the same normality disregard as ’Spy’ ‘Zoolander’ ‘Tropic Thunder’ ‘Dogeball’ etc . It is a stupidly good film, thoughtless, plot holes and a lot of it makes no sense, but there in lies the beauty that is Zealander (please don’t make another). Simple, either you will love this film, like it, or you actually hate it but watching it with someone you want to get with so you just cringe on... More the inside...
Genre : Comedy, Adventure, Fashion
2/5 : Good, but totally not great. Enjoyable to a point, then becomes way to absurd.Hide

BY Lucy-Power superstar

This was a terrible movie. At least the first one was awful but funny. Gratuitous celebrity cameos, shoddy writing, and silliness rather than comedy.

BY filmlover superstar

The beginning of this flick will please most viewers and then it gets really, really, really, really, really silly.................Die hard Stiller/Zoolander fans will probably enjoy this but anyone else will be left asking 'Why?'